finish the masterwork weapon

Finish the Masterwork Weapon BG3

Finish the Masterwork Weapon is a hidden Quest you can get in Baldur’s Gate 3, that will reward you with a special weapon of your choice early in the first Act! In order to complete the quest you will have to find a special material, the Sussur Tree Bark, by visiting the Underdark! This guide will show you how you can start the Finish the Masterwork Weapon Quest but also the location of the Sussur Tree Bark, so you can craft one of the three available Sussur Weapons!

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How to Start Finish the Masterwork Weapon Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To begin the quest you will need first to discover a Blacksmith’s Furnace in the Blighted Village. The Furnace is located in the area under the large warehouse near the Eastern entrance of the village. There are a few ways you can access this area.

  • Lockpick the Shabby Wooden Doors
  • Destroy the Cracked Wall in the Whispering Depths(descend from the Well in the middle of the village)
  • Destroy the net inside the building and jump down
finish the masterwork weapon
Entrance to the Blacksmith’s Area

The easiest way to enter this area is by destroying the net covering a hole inside the building. Use a Fire Bolt cantrip to destroy the net and jump down. At the back of the room you will find a Melting Furnace and the Blacksmith’s Bellows. If you interact with them you can ignite the Furnace and get a prompt to combine it with something. Search around the room and find a locked wooden chest.

Entrance to the area

Disarm the chest then lockpick it to discover Highcliff’s Blueprints. Reading the Blueprint starts the quest and reveals the required materials to complete it. To complete the Finish the Masterwork Weapon Quest you need:

  • A Sussur Tree Bark
  • A Greatsword, Sickle or Dagger

To find the Sussur Tree Bark you will have to travel to the Underdark! There are a few possible ways you can enter into the Underdark. The easiest are from the Whispering Depths or the Goblin Camp!

finish the masterwork weapon
Highcliff’s Blueprints

Where to Find Sussur Tree Bark in BG3

You can find the Sussur Tree Bark only in the Underdark. Visiting the Underdark is a great way to expand your adventure in Act 1, since there are several more encounters for you in this area. It is also a great place to find some strong weapons like Phalar Aluve or Mourning Frost! The Sussur Tree Bark location is on the Western part of the Underdark at the heart of the Sussur Tree! There are a few Hook Horror creatures around the tree that will attack you on sight, as well as Filro the Forgotten who holds one of the parts necessary to obtain the Mourning Frost Staff!

Sussur Tree Bark Location

Head to the Western part of the area, defeat all enemies nearby and obtain the Sussur Tree Bark! Once you have it in your inventory you can return back to the Blighted Village and craft the Sussur Weapons!

How to Craft Sussur Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3

Return to the Furnace, light it up and combine it with the Sussur Tree bark. The fire will turn Blue and you can now add a weapon of your choice in order to turn it into a Sussur Weapon. You can pick a Dagger, a Greatsword or a Sickle to use. All three are easy to find as loot by defeating enemies or searching the chests and crates in the areas you explore.

finish the masterwork weapon
Weapon Combine

While the fire is blue from the Sussur Bark add your favorite weapon and combine them. This will turn it into a Sussur Weapon!

What is the Best Sussur Weapon BG3

The Dagger is the Best Sussur Weapon that you can use early in Baldur’s Gate 3 because you can use it along with another weapon on a dual-wielding character. You can also throw it to a target and silence them easily like this. All three Sussur Weapons can silence your target which makes them powerful against spellcasters. The Greatsword deals more damage than the other two but the Dagger is more flexible and easier to use if you have a dual-wielding character in your party! All three Weapons have a +1 Weapon Enchantment. Best Sussur Weapon:

  1. Sussur Dagger
  2. Sussur Greatsword
  3. Sussur Sickle

1. Sussur Dagger Weapon Stats BG3

The Sussur Dagger is a Rare Weapon that deals 1d4+5 Piercing Damage and can silence your targets. A Light, Finesse and Thrown Weapon that you can easily use with your Dual-Wielding characters. A more flexible weapon than the other two that you can also throw to your targets to silence them. The Best Sussur Weapon out of the three thanks to its flexibility!

sussur dagger
Sussur Dagger Stats

2. Sussur Greatsword Weapon Stats BG3

The Sussur Greatsword is a Rare Weapon that deals 2d6+5 Slashing Damage and can silence your targets. While it is the strongest of the three Sussur Weapons, it is easy to find a better replacement for your melee characters.

sussur greatsword
Sussur Greatsword Stats

3. Sussur Sickle Weapon Stats BG3

The Sussur Sickle is a Rare Weapon that deals 1d4+5 Slashing Damage and can silence your targets. A Light weapon that does not have much to offer when compared to the other two.

sussur sickle
Sussur Sickle Stats

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