Arcane Tower Guide for Baldur’s Gate 3


Arcane Tower Guide BG3

How to enter the Arcane Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3, visit all of its floors and solve every mystery inside during the first BG3 Act! The Arcane Tower is an interesting location in the Underdark that you can visit during the first Act of the game. The tower is located on the South Western part of Underdark and the easiest way to reach it is by traveling South from the Underdark Beach Waypoint. Most of its floors are locked to the player when you first visit and its entrance is guarded by Arcane Turrets! This Arcane Tower Guide will show you how to visit all Tower Floors and uncover their secrets in BG3!

arcane tower location bg3
Arcane Tower in Underdark

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How to Disable Arcane Turrets in Tower BG3

The Tower is defended by Turrets that fire when you approach. Getting past them and entering the Tower might be a challenge. There are however a few ways you can disable them. The easiest way is by carrying Sussur Blooms with you. You can collect those from the Sussur Tree area, North West of the Underdark Beach. You will need to visit the Tree either way if you are trying to complete the “Finish the Masterwork Weapon” Quest.

The Blooms disable magic(even yours) so since the Turrets are magical they will stop working. Another way to get past the Turrets is by breaking their Line of Sight to you. They can attack only when they see you. Use cover to move around and enter the tower. Lightning Damage can also disable them, so you can cast a lightning spell against them. Finally you can distract them with a member of your party and attack them with another character from behind, since they are shielded in front!

arcane tower turrets bg3
Arcane Turrets

Arcane Tower Floors in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are in total six floors in the tower but most of them are locked to players. The best way to navigate to each Floor is by activating the Tower’s Elevator and using it to ascend or descend. The Arcane Tower Floors are:

  • Fourth Floor
  • Third Floor(Room)
  • Second Floor(Entrance)
  • First Floor
  • Ground Floor
  • Basement(Secret area)

Arcane Tower Second Floor BG3

When you enter the Tower you will be in the second floor. There are two more Turrets in there that you can disable and the Tower’s Elevator. The Elevator is disabled however. On the Northern Balcony of this Floor you will find the Chest of the Mundane. This is a magical chest that alters the appearance of items placed inside and reduces their weight significantly. Having this in your inventory is a great way to carry Heavy Items around! To proceed from this floor head to the Southern Balcony and jump down by using the overgrown mushrooms at the side of the tower. Jump all the way down to the ground Floor in order to activate the Elevator. You can visit the first floor before reaching Ground Floor, if you wish.

arcane tower ground floor
Arcane Tower Side

Arcane Tower Ground Floor BG3

When you get to the ground Floor visit first the Garden outside and grab a Sussur Bloom. Enter the Tower on this level and interact with the Power Generator. Combine the Generator with the Sussur Bloom to activate the Elevator and be able to move around easily. Activating the Generator will also disable all Arcane Turrets in the Tower. Inside the Ground Floor there is also a locked door that you cannot open from this side. Now that the Elevator works, use it to get to the First Floor, if you have not already.

arcane tower power generator
Power Generator Arcane Tower

Arcane Tower First Floor in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the first floor you can find supplies and materials that can help you complete other quests in the area. You can also read the Threadbare Book. Once you are done exploring move up to the Third Floor of the Tower.

Arcane Tower Third Floor BG3

The Third Floor is the Bedroom and contains a few useful items. Read “The Roads to Darkness” and the Engraved Githyanki Disc before you move on. Loot everything worth looting in the room and get ready to move to the Fourth floor. Before you leave you can interact with the button near the bed. It will not do anything unless you have equipped a Dog Collar on your active character. You can find the collar by digging up a grave near the Sussur Tree, North from the Tower. If you do have the Collar equipped and press this button, it will simply serve dog food!

bernard in arcane tower
Bernard in Arcane Tower

Arcane Tower Fourth Floor and Bernard BG3

When you reach the Fourth floor you will encounter Bernard and a few more constructs. Bernard will speak in riddles and expect you to answer correctly. The correct answers lie in the “Threadbare Book” and “The Roads to Darkness” you have read along the way. The correct answers are:

  • Or art thou friend, a rescue from my lonely wake?
  • How can I trust? How can I ever know? / How can I show myself, my darkest me?

If you answer correctly Bernard will give you the “Guiding Light” ring, which you need to enter the Tower’s secret area. If you fail to answer correctly Bernard and the other constructs will attack you. Either way you will get the ring from him. By destroying Bernard you can also get the Light of Creation Weapon.

Guiding Light

Now that you have the Guiding Light Ring, equip it and approach the Elevator. A new Button saying “Basement” will appear. Use it to descend to the Basement of the Tower which is the secret floor of the area.

arcane tower basement
Hidden Basement Button

Arcane Tower Basement in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the Basement you can find useful materials like Tinmark Spores and Tonque of Madness, as well as loot valuable items. Here you can get the Staff of Arcane Blessing Weapon but also The Sparkswall ring. Do not forget to check the bookshelves for a few scrolls as well! When you are ready to leave, enter the Metal door, use the Lever to open the locked door and get into the Ground Floor and the Power Generator Room.

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