The Best Social Backgrounds in Starfield

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Best Social Backgrounds in Starfield

The Best Backgrounds for Social interactions in Starfield! Which Backgrounds will give you access to additional dialogue options in Starfield and help you persuade NPC to do your bidding! Backgrounds are basically Starter Classes in Starfield. When you pick a Background for your character you also gain access to a set of three Starting Skills. These are Novice skills that will determine your play-style early in the game and help you pursue a specific path.

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What are the Best Social Backgrounds in Starfield

The following Backgrounds offer access to the Persuasion Novice Skill, that will give you more dialogue options to choose from! You can later add more skill points to the Social Skill line and unlock more advanced options to persuade NPC. If you wish to unlock the Persuasion Skill early in the game, these are the Best Backgrounds!

1. Diplomat

For a more diplomatic approach to your encounters! Its skills are:

  • Persuasion
  • Commerce
  • Wellness

Convince NPC that your way is the best way and make more money in the process with Commerce!

2. Industrialist

Industrialist offers the following skills:

  • Persuasion
  • Security
  • Research Methods

Persuasion will come handy if you fail your hack attempts!

3. Sculptor

Sculptor is an interesting background with a mix of different skills:

  • Medicine
  • Geology
  • Persuasion

A more flexible background that offers the freedom to expand your skill set in different ways.

4. Space Scoundrel

Some charisma and the ability to persuade others is important to make a living as a Space Scoundrel! These are your skills:

  • Pistol Certification
  • Piloting
  • Persuasion

At least if your attempt to persuade them fails, you can always blow them up.

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