diablo 4 dungeons
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Diablo 4 Dungeons

Dungeons in Diablo 4 are important for leveling up and farming gear for your Characters! There are several Dungeons scattered around the open world of the game that offer various rewards but also different types of enemies to defeat. Dungeon gameplay defines the Diablo franchise and as expected is fun and rewarding in Diablo 4 as well! Dungeons are instanced areas that you can choose to clear Solo or with a group. They also reward you with powerful Aspects when you clear them for the first time!

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What to Expect from Dungeons in Diablo 4

Once you enter a Dungeon, you will have to complete certain tasks in order to unlock a room with the final Boss! Inside every Dungeon you can find several groups of enemies, including Elite enemies. Dungeons are great for earning EXP and leveling, as well as earning gold and valuable gear. When you first clear a Dungeon, you also unlock an Aspect, that you can later put on a Rare or Legendary item to boost your capabilities.

Dungeon & Aspect

Dungeons are also great for earning Renown in a zone! Renown is the reputation system of Diablo 4 that rewards you with extra skill points, potion charges and more. So clearing Dungeons in Diablo 4 is recommended for its EXP, Gold and Gear you earn but also for the Aspects and Renown they reward you!

Every Dungeon has its own layout, that will guide you through dark corridors and ask you to complete certain tasks before you can defeat the final Boss. Dungeons in Diablo 4 retain their dark, ominous atmosphere from previous titles and are a great way to spend your day in the game. Once you are done you can exit by clicking on the Dungeon entrance on the map.

diablo 4 dungeons
Dungeon Map

Several Side Quests in the open world will often lead you inside Dungeons, in order to complete specific objectives. You can also encounter Events inside Dungeons. Completing Events is a great way to earn extra EXP, Gold, loot as well as Murmuring Obols! Finally it is also possible to encounter the Butcher inside a Dungeon.The Butcher is a tough Boss that will appear suddenly when you attempt to clear a Dungeon and will probably make your life miserable.

Types of Dungeons in Diablo 4

The normal instanced Dungeon, with several rooms and a final Boss to clear, is your typical Dungeon in Diablo 4. You can find several of them in every zone. Some you can enter immediately, while other you will have to complete another task first to unlock them. For example, you might have to clear a Stronghold first before you can unlock a Dungeon in the same area.

Cellar Entrance

Cellars are one-room instanced areas that could be considered as mini Dungeons. Cellars usually have a single group of enemies inside with an Elite leading them and are easy to clear. Nightmare Dungeons finally, are the end-game Dungeons of Diablo 4. To unlock them you will have to raise the World Difficulty to Nightmare(Tier 3) and find Nightmare Sigils by killing enemies, as a reward from the Tree of Whispers or craft them at the Occultist vendor. Nightmare Dungeons are harder with stronger enemies and special effects inside but also offer better rewards!

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