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Diablo 4 Legion Events

Legion Gathering Events are special Events in Diablo 4, that spawn often around Sanctuary and offer great rewards to players. Legion Events are harder than normal local events you might encounter while roaming on the open world. They require player co-operation to beat them in time and earn extra rewards. These Events can also spawn while a Helltide is active, offering even better rewards. While they are hard to complete and usually require a group of players to beat them, a well equipped player can still complete a Legion Event solo.

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What are Legion Events in Diablo 4

Legion Events are special Overland Events that spawn often in Diablo 4. They are harder than the normal events you might encounter around Sanctuary and usually require a group of players to complete them. Legion Events spawn every twenty five(25) minutes in fixed locations around the map. Some of the locations are Strongholds, that you have to clear first before you can participate in the Legion Event. The Legion Events Locations are:

  • Carrowcrest Ruins, Scosglen
  • Crusader’s Monument, Hawezar
  • Dilapidated Aqueducts, Kehjistan
  • Haunted Wreckage, Dry Steppes
  • Kor Dragan, Fractured Peaks
  • Norgoi Vigil, Hawezar

A few minutes before a Legion Event begins, a warning will appear on the map. When you see the warning, head to the location and prepare for the event!

diablo 4 legion events
Legion Event Starting

Legion Events Campfire in Diablo 4

Campfire is a special mechanic of Legion Events that offers extra experience. The longer you stay near the Campfire, the better your experience bonus will be. So it is better to arrive in the Event’s location early and stand next to the Campfire for better experience gains.


How to Complete Legion Events in Diablo 4

Your goal in a Legion Event is to defeat Servants of Hell to spawn the Final Boss. The Event is divided in phases. Kill enemies around the area before the time runs out to spawn a Servant of Hell. When the Servant spawns he will be shielded by special structures. Destroy the structures to drop the shield, then defeat the Servant of Hell. After that repeat the process other two times.

diablo 4 legion events
Mastery Objective

By killing three Servants of Hell you gain Mastery. But you only need to kill one Servant to spawn the final Boss. The more Servants you kill, the better the rewards will be at the end. If you fail to kill the first Servant however, the Event fails and you will get no rewards!

Defeat the Final Boss when it spawns and the Event is over! The Final Boss is challenging but not impossible to kill Solo. Based on the number of Servants you have killed, it will spawn one, two or three loot chests for everyone participating in the event.


Legion Events Rewards in Diablo 4

Rewards can be anything from Gold and crafting materials to Murmuring Obols, Nightmare Dungeons Sigils, Legendary items and cosmetics! By completing Legion Events you can also earn the Ghastly Reins item which gives you the Spectral Charger Mount! If you have killed more than one Servant then you will have better chances to receive more rewards!

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