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Diablo 4 Season Journey

The Season Journey in Diablo 4 is a series of Objectives you can complete every Season, that allows you to progress the story-line and offers various rewards! The Season Journey is tied to the live Season of Diablo 4 as well as its Battle Pass. Completing it is the main way you can progress while a Season is live.

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What is Season Journey in Diablo 4

Season Journey is a series of Objectives you can complete while a Season is live. The Objectives are divided in Chapters, each with its own rewards. The objectives you have to complete are easy in early Chapters but as you progress in the Season and level up your character they become harder.

diablo 4 season journey
Season Journey Tiers and Rewards

Each Chapter has a number of objectives you can complete in order to receive its rewards and unlock the next Chapter. You do not have to complete every objective listed to unlock the next one. If a task is difficult for your character you can skip it and focus on completing easier objectives. This offers some flexibility when trying to progress the Season Journey.

You can complete Season Journey objectives and progress it only with a Seasonal character! Once a Season is over, the Journey will be replaced with a new one that is dedicated to the new Season.

Season Journey Rewards in Diablo 4

When you complete a Chapter on the Journey, you can claim its rewards. These are usually a Reward Cache with various items and materials, Seasonal Aspects that will expire at the end of the Season and Favor! Favor is a form of currency that is used to progress the Battle Pass! You can earn Favor as a reward from completing Season Journey Chapters but also by defeating enemies or completing objectives on the Seasonal Realm.

Claim Battle Pass Reward

As you accumulate Favor you unlock reward Tiers in the Battle Pass, which you can claim and use with your characters. These rewards are Cosmetics, Platinum, Mounts and Smoldering Ashes. You can use Smoldering Ashes to unlock Season Blessings and boost your characters on the Seasonal Realm. These Blessings can offer more gold as loot, better EXP when killing enemies and other useful benefits.

Season Blessings

The Season Journey is an important part of Seasons in Diablo 4 and the best way to progress your characters on the Seasonal Realm!

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