eso champion system 2.0

ESO Champion System 2.0

The Champion System is one of the core features of The Elder Scrolls Online. Gaining Champion Points after level 50, allows players to become stronger and unlock more passive bonuses for their characters. The way the system works now, determines how well you can play as a Magicka or Stamina based character. It also affects other aspects of your everyday life in ESO, like gathering, sprinting etc.

The way the Champion System works gives players the ability to gain more power and progress vertically. This is about to change with the Update 29(Q1 DLC 2021) for the base game and the massive overhaul it brings to the system. Champion System 2.0, as it is called, is focusing more on horizontal progression in ESO and gives players the option to make choices, regarding the bonuses and the type of gameplay they wish to pursue.

Champion Points & Constellations

The new system brings changes to pretty much every aspect of this core feature. From the Champion Points Cap to Constellations to how many passive bonuses you can have active at the same time.

Champion Points Cap – ESO Champion System 2.0

The Champion Points Cap right now is 810. Players can assign those 810 points to the nine existing constellations and become stronger. However 810 is the limit of the points you can allocate, not the limit of the points you can earn in-game. A player will continue earning Champion Points even after he/she hits the c810 cap.

With the new system the cap is raised to 3600 Champion Points. The main difference from before is that players can now allocate all of their points to the new Constellations and specialize/become stronger with the bonuses they choose. To address this change, the curve of leveling up has been adjusted as well. It is now easier and faster to earn Champion Points.


The biggest difference between the two systems, lies to the number of available constellations and how they work. The nine constellations of the old Champion System, The Tower, The Lover, The Shadow, The Apprentice, The Atronach, The Ritual, The Steed, The Lady and The Lord are no more.

In their place we have now only three Constellations, Warfare, Craft and Fitness.

  • Warfare is focusing more on the combat side of the game.
  • Craft is more of an utility constellation.
  • Fitness has to do with defense and survivability.

Active Bonuses

The way they work is very different as well. With the old system every constellation had four active and four passive stars. By allocating points to an active star you could get its bonus. After having allocated enough points to stars of a specific constellation, you could unlock its passive bonuses and have them always active for your character. The new system is changing that. Every Star in the three constellations is active now and you can spend points to it. From 36 stars with the old system, players now can choose from around 99 stars! This increases customization and options but also makes the whole system slightly more complicated.

Not all bonuses can be active at the same time as well. In general there are three types of Stars now. Stars that you can invest into and provide you with a buff, for example more Stamina or Magicka. Stars that you need to unlock with a certain amount of points but also equip on the bar above the constellations to be active and stars that work as portals to sub constellations with many more options.

Players can no longer unlock everything and run around. They have to choose up to four passive bonuses(slottable stars) from each constellation(twelve in total) and slot them on the bar to get their advantages. These work like skills and you can replace them with other anytime, as long as you are not in combat.

This new system also makes it easier to tell when you are getting the bonus of each star. The previous percentages (%) and “jump points” have been removed. Now you need to allocate a specific amount of points to get its bonus. To tell easily how far you are from your goal, Stars of this kind have stages. Stages that you unlock as you assign points, gaining their effects.

eso champion system 2.0

The way this new system works, gives a lot more freedom to players to choose specialized skills that will complement their build more. At the same time it allows players that are not at max CP yet(3600) to still be effective and complete harder content since they only need to unlock four passives from every constellation.

The change to how passives work was also necessary because of performance. With the previous system, players had every passive active all the time and the game was checking all of them with every action. That was putting a big strain to the servers and was affecting performance. Now the game will only have to keep an eye on twelve passives per player, making things a lot smoother.

ESO Champion System 2.0 Future

This new system was built with the purpose to continue improving in the future. The developers can always add more stars and sub-constellations to provide players with more options. The Champion System 2.0 is all about the choices players make when building their characters. We should expect to see more passive bonuses and new “trees” coming to the system with future updates. You can learn more about the System by reading my ESO Champion Points Guide!

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