dank crypt bg3

Dank Crypt BG3

The Dank Crypt is the first proper Dungeon you will encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3! A hidden area with multiple entrances that are easy to miss if you do not pay attention to your surroundings. Inside the Dank Crypt you can find valuable loot that will assist you early in the first Act of the game but also unlock Withers! Withers is an important story character that assists you in various ways throughout your adventure. This Dank Crypt BG3 Guide will show you how to enter this area and how to unlock Withers!

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How to Enter the Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Dank Crypt is located near the beach where you end up after finishing the prologue. Deep beneath a Chapel near the Overgrown Ruins Waypoint, the Crypt hides loot but also danger. There are four entrances you can use:

  • Ancient Door next to the Overgrown Ruins Waypoint
  • Hole on the floor behind a Statue on the exterior of the Chapel
  • Main Chapel door near the hole
  • Hidden Hatch around the Chapel
dank crypt bg3
Dank Crypt Entrances

Each entrance will let you access a different area of the Chapel and Crypt but eventually you will explore everything this location has to offer. So it does not really matter which entrance you will use. The Best entrance to use however is the hidden hatch, which you can find if you follow the road at the right side of the Chapel. The Hatch will take you directly to the main area of the Dank Crypt. But let’s take a look at each entrance and how you can use them to enter the area. Before you proceed it is advisable to find and recruit as many of your Companions as possible(You can find near the area Shadowheart, Astarion, Lae’zel and Gale). Going in with a full party will help you in the fights inside the Crypt.

Ancient Door in Dank Crypt BG3

The door is right next to the Overgrown Ruins Waypoint but it is locked. If you have a lock pick you can try to force your way through.

Crypt Door

If you manage to unlock the door you will enter the Dank Crypt. Explore around to find a Sarcophagus in the middle of a room nearby. The Sarcophagus is rigged and will trigger several traps in the area. If the traps go off they can kill your entire party in moments. Before you attempt to loot the Sarcophagus move around and reveal the traps but also a button on one of the pillars nearby. To reveal the Button you will have to pass a Perception Check.

Sarcophagus room

At the other side of the room there is a locked door that leads to the main area of the Dank Crypt. You can unlock it by taking an “Engraved Key” from inside the Sarcophagus. If you have a Disarm toolkit you can use it on the Sarcophagus to disable the traps. If not you can trigger the Sarcophagus trap and then press the button to stop them. Another way to stop the traps from hurting you is by blocking the vents on the floor with heavy items to prevent them from releasing oil. Inside the Sarcophagus you can also find a Spear, “The Watcher’s Guide“. With the Key unlock the Door and enter the main area of the Crypt.

Spear and Key

Hole on the floor in Dank Crypt BG3

If you ignore the Ancient Door and head towards the Chapel you will find two Bandits arguing over a cracked Hole on the floor. Above them there is a Boulder hanging. If you approach too close you will enter a conversation with them. You can convince them to go or fail and initiate a fight. There are two more bandits nearby, so you will have to fight four enemies. Use one of your Cantrips to attack the rope holding the Boulder. The Boulder will fall breaking the floor, making it easier to jump down. You can do that after you have convinced the Bandits to leave or after your fight with them. Alternatively you can fire your Cantrip from afar before triggering the conversation. This action will throw the Boulder on the two bandits, killing them instantly and turning the other two hostile.

dank crypt bg3
Boulder and Floor Hole

After you deal with the bandits in any way you like, jump into the hole to enter the Chapel. This entrance will take you to the Refectory area of the Chapel, where you will have to fight another group of Bandits. This group is tougher than the previous one so make sure to rest before entering. Deal with the bandits inside this area and explore around. You will find another locked door with no obvious way to open it. To unlock this door check the South room of the Refectory. Go behind the statue in the room to pass another check that will reveal a skull shaped Switch. Use this Secret Switch to open the locked door and enter the Dank Crypt. Following this entrance will take you near the Sarcophagus room with the traps.

Chapel Door in Dank Crypt BG3

If you ignore the cracked floor and the Hole, after dealing with the Bandits outside, you can descend the stairs and use the main door of the Chapel. The door is locked however and you will have to convince a Bandit to open it for you. If you succeed you will have to fight the Bandits inside the Refectory area and unlock the locked door inside with the secret switch. This entry point will also take you near the Sarcophagus trap room!

Chapel Door

Hidden Hatch in Dank Crypt BG3

If you wish to ignore the bandits and get straight to the main area of the Dank Crypt, the Hidden Wooden Hatch is the Best Entrance. Avoid the two Bandits near the statue arguing and follow the road at the right of the Chapel. At the end of the road you will find a locked Wooden Hatch. Use a lockpick and enter the main area of the Crypt.

dank crypt bg3
Hatch Entrance

Main Area of the Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3

When you are inside the main area of the Dank Crypt, you will notice a few skeletons around. These Skeletons will rise later and you will have to fight them. Before that happens explore every room and loot every chest in the area. When you have looted and checked everything, head to the passage on the left side behind the statue to pass a Perception check and reveal another button. Pressing this button unlocks the small area behind the statue but also turns the skeletons hostile to you. Fight and defeat the Skeletons then head inside the small area.

dank crypt bg3
Dank Crypt Map

Open the Sarcophagus in there and Withers will rise. After a brief talk he will leave and eventually appear in your camp. You can interact with him anytime you wish to resurrect fallen Companions, change your Class but also recruit hirelings! Before you leave the Crypt, do not forget to loot the Heavy Chest inside this small area for “The Amulet of Lost Voices“, that gives you access to the “Speak with Dead” Spell! Unlocking Withers is the main allure of exploring the Dank Crypt in Baldur’s Gate 3 but you should still search around the entire area for valuable items and scrolls to use or sell for profit.

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