robe of the weave bg3

Robe of the Weave BG3

Robe of the Weave is a Very Rare Clothing in BG3 you can get late in the game, during Act 3. This chest Armor piece is one of the Best options for pure Spellcaster Classes in Baldur’s Gate 3, like the Sorcerer and the Wizard. Robe of the Weave offers offensive and defensive effects to its wearer that will help you boost your damage and survivability! This Robe of the Weave BG3 Guide will show you where to find the Armor and how to get it.

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How to Get Robe of the Weave in BG3

In order to get the Robe of the Weave Very Rare Armor, you need first to progress your game to Act 3. Reach the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate and head to the Sorcerous Sundries store. Follow the stairs behind Rolan to find four colored Portals. The far left(Blue) portal will take you to Lorroakan‘s location.

Lower City and Sorcerous Sundries Location

Talk to Lorroakan and head back to the portal. On its left side you will notice a few floating furnitures! You can jump on them and use them as stairs to reach the lower floor.

Floating Furniture

On the floor below there are a few “Weave Buttons” you can interact with. Use a spell or scroll of “See Invisibility” and find the Button with the “Below” plaque in front of it. Press it and it will teleport you to a secret area below where the Robe is locked inside an Invulnerability Globe.

robe of the weave bg3
Robe of the Weave and Arcana Check

With your “See Invisibility” spell you will be able to see a Lever in front of the Globe. Interact with the Lever to release the Robe. To be successful however you will have to pass an Arcana skill check with 20 difficulty. Use your highest Intelligence character to pass the check and unlock the globe. You can now take and use the Robe of the Weave Armor with your Spellcaster character in BG3! In the same area on the opposite side of the Robe you will also find the Markoheshkir Legendary Staff. This is also locked inside a Globe of Invulnerability and you will have to follow the same process with the Robe to get it. See the Invisible Lever and pass an Arcana Check with 20 difficulty.

Robe of the Weave Stats in BG3

Robe of the Weave is a Very Rare Clothing and one of the best Armor options for the Sorcerer and Wizard Class in Baldur’s Gate 3! It offers the following effects:

  • Arcane Enchantment – you gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC and Spell attack rolls.
  • Weave Eater – Whenever the wearer succeeds a Saving Throw against a spell, they regain 1-6 hit points.
  • Armor Class +2
robe of the weave bg3
Robe of the Weave Stats

A powerful Armor for Spellcasters that can boost your damage and survivability!