diablo 4 seasons

Diablo 4 Seasons

Seasons in Diablo 4 is a quarterly, optional content that introduces new stories, items and opportunities for players to enjoy the game more! Players can choose to participate in Seasons or simply ignore them and continue leveling their Eternal Realm characters. If they do choose to participate though, they will gain access to several new items that could not access otherwise!

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How Seasons Work in Diablo 4

Seasons is a quarterly content that offers new adventures to players and allows them to take a different approach to the game! It is entirely up to players if they want to participate in a Season or continue their Eternal Realm journey. There are several benefits from participating though, so it might worth giving it a try.

The first Season will go live sometime in mid to late July and in order to participate you need to first complete the game’s Main Campaign! Every Season will add new items for you to collect and Quests to complete! Some of the most important additions include:

  • Seasonal Quest line
  • New Legendary and Unique items
  • New features
  • Changes on Aspects and even New Aspects
  • Battlepass

To participate in a Season you will also have to create a new Character. When the Season ends, the Character will be moved to the Eternal Realm! Seasons is a great opportunity to create and level up new characters!

diablo 4 battle pass
Battle Pass in Diablo 4

Battle Pass in Diablo 4

The Battle Pass is another way to earn rewards in a Season by completing specific activities! There are two types of Battle Pass:

  • Free
  • Premium

The Free Battle Pass allows you to unlock up to 27 Tiers and earn their rewards! There are 63 more Premium Tiers! You can buy the Premium Battle Pass for 9.99 USD(or 1000 Platinum) or its Accelerated version for 24.99 USD(or 2800 Platinum). The Accelerated Battle Pass allows you to skip twenty(20) Tiers! You can earn Cosmetics and Smoldering Ashes by unlocking Free Tiers! You can then use Smoldering Ashes to unlock various Season Blessings that will help your character during the Season. The Blessings stop working when a Season ends.

When you purchase the Premium Battle Pass you can unlock Tiers and earn Cosmetics and Platinum. The Premium Battle Pass will not offer items that increase your power in the game.

diablo 4 cosmetics
Cosmetics in Diablo 4

Cosmetics Shop in Diablo 4

The Cosmetics Shop in Diablo 4 aims to offer a wider range of Customization for your Characters! The items sold there will only offer different aesthetics and never impact your in-game power. Cosmetics in the Shop will be Class specific and will rotate on a consistent basis. You can purchase them with Platinum. The Shop offers preview for the items you can buy, so players can inspect how they look on their characters! The Shop will also recommend different items to every player, based on their Class, play style and aesthetic preferences.

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