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Best Healer Class in ESO

This Guide will focus on the Best Healer Class in ESO! Which one of the available Classes is the best for Healing and what makes them unique to play! The Best Healer Class is not always the same, mainly because of the nature of the game. Classes in ESO are dynamic with changes happening to their skills and overall behavior quite often. However these changes do not affect their healing capabilities as often as their DPS! If you would like to learn more about every Class in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can read my ESO Class Guide. For the Best Sets for Healing in ESO, you can take a look at my Top 10 Healer Sets Guide! For the Best Race for the role of Healing, you can take a look at my ESO Race Guide!

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What is the Best Healer Class in ESO

Classes in ESO are always changing! While this change affects their DPS capabilities greatly, it does not affect their Healing potential often. Which makes Classes more reliable when you try to pick one for the role of Healing! Changes do happen to Healer-important skills from time to time though and that can impact how well a Class can Heal or not! Below you can see how each Class fares at the moment and what makes them unique for the role of Healing.


The Arcanist is an amazing Support Class that shines as a Healer! One of the Best Healer Classes in the game, along with the Warden. The reason for this is because the Arcanist has access to several strong heals but also buffs! A flexible healer Class that can heal, buff your group, protect with Shields but also debuff enemies if you choose to focus on that! Passive abilities like Healing Tides, Hideous Clarity, Erudition and Intricate Runeforms allow you to cast powerful heals but also achieve insane Magicka or Stamina Recovery. Audacious Runemend is a powerful heal ability that can also grant Minor Heroism to allies! Reconstructive Domain buffs and heals your group while Runeguard of Freedom offers Minor Protection, Armor and Crowd Control Immunity to you, allowing you to continue healing your group.

Glyphic of the Tides is a powerful Ultimate that boosts damage and heals your group. Its effect is stronger the more you heal it! Generating Crux is important for the Arcanist as a Healer as well. You can use it to reduce the cost of abilities or trigger powerful secondary effects!

Arcanist Builds & Guides:


The Warden is one of the top Healer Classes in ESO, along with the Arcanist! Popular Class for the role with access to strong heals and support skills! What helps Warden to stand out as a Healer is the Maturation passive, that grants Minor Toughness to players when they are healed by a Warden! Healing Thicket and Enchanted Forest are powerful Healing Ultimates that will keep your group alive! Fungal Growth, Healing Seed and Living Vines morphs will help you as a healer even more! The Warden has also several support skills that can buff allies or debuff enemies! Ice Fortress, Swarm morphs can be valuable for Warden Healers!

Warden Builds & Guides:


Templar is another strong Healer Class in ESO, as good as the Warden! Their Illuminate Passive can boost the Spell Damage of their entire group! Remembrance is a powerful Healing Ultimate while Breath of Life and Honor the Dead can bring back anyone from the brink of death! Ritual of Retribution or Extended Ritual are AOE skills that can heal or deal damage to enemies. Finally Blazing Spear or Luminous Shards are reliable synergies generator skills! Templar is also the best Starter Class for the role of Healer in ESO!

Templar Builds & Guides:


Necromancer is a unique type of Healer! Can summon minions to assist in fight and heal, like Spirit Guardian but also assist with crowd control and debuffs thanks to skills like Agony Totem or Ghostly Embrace! Braided Tether and Mortal Coil will assist with Healing and sustain while Blood Sacrifice offers a good burst heal! The Renewing Animation Ultimate can also bring allies back from the death while restoring resources to them! A strong Healer Class that is however more complex to use than other Classes!

Necromancer Builds & Guides:


The Nightblade is not a popular Healer Class. It has a few good healing abilities but overall the Class is hard to learn! Consuming Darkness morphs offer a good healing-defense focused Ultimate, that can help your group! Refreshing Path can heal allies and boost their Magicka and Stamina recovery in an area. Mass Hysteria is a strong crowd control ability that can also debuff enemies with Cowardice. Funnel Health is a decent heal skill while Malevolent Offering morphs offer the most direct Nightblade Healing Ability! The Nightblade has potential as a healer but you should only try it if you know what you are doing!

Nightblade Builds & Guides:


The Sorcerer is now a reliable Healer that can assist your group with Buffs and Debuffs! Its Pet, Summon Twilight Matriarch is a great and easy to use healing ability while Power Surge can provide additional heals to your group. Vibrant Shroud heals your group while buffing you with Vitality and debuffing enemies with Maim. A flexible skill that allows Sorcerers to play more offensively or defensively as a Healer. With Daedric Refuge Sorcerers can provide Shields to their group, boosting their survivability like this. Finally with Regenerative Ward you can protect and heal yourself and your Pets while boosting the Recovery of your allies! The Summon Storm Atronach Ultimate morphs are also good to use since they provide Major Berserk to allies and can help boost DPS!

Sorcerer Builds & Guides:


The Dragonknight is not the best option for the role of Healer! It has a few decent healing abilities but it is better to use it as DPS or Tank! Cauterize can support with passive heals while Obsidian Shard is a mix of damage and healing skill. Cinder Storm is an AOE healing ability for Dragonknights! Not a very popular healer class and for a good reason.

Dragonknight Builds & Guides:

Healer Class Tier List – Best Healer Class in ESO

This is the conclusion for the Healer Class Tier List in ESO right now.

S Rank – Best Healer Class in ESO

  • Arcanist
  • Warden

A Rank – Best Healer Class in ESO

  • Templar
  • Necromancer
  • Sorcerer

B Rank – Best Healer Class in ESO

  • Nightblade

C Rank – Best Healer Class in ESO

  • Dragonknight

The ranking can and will probably change the next time there are significant changes to ESO Combat and Classes. So make sure to keep an eye on this ESO Best Healer Class Guide!

FAQ – Best Healer Class in ESO

What is the Best Healer Class in ESO?

The Best Healer Class in ESO is the Arcanist, thanks to its powerful Healing abilities, buffs and shields it provides! The Warden is close behind with strong heals and support skills!
To find out more about the different Classes of ESO and how good they are in the role of Healer, you can take a look at this ESO Best Healer Class Guide!

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