ESO Ferret the Hunters Achievement Guide – Galen


ESO Ferret the Hunters

Ferret the Hunters is a fast and easy General Achievement in ESO! To complete the achievement, you must find and defeat three Bounty Hunters around the zone of Galen. The Firesong DLC(Purchase or ESO Plus) is required to gain access to the zone. All three Hunters are easy to defeat!

Ferret the Hunters Achievement

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How to get the Ferret the Hunters Achievement in ESO

The Three Hunters are scattered around the zone of Galen but not that hard to find. They are all nearby points of interest and wayshrines, so it will be easy to travel to their location. On the map below you can see the Hunters’ location.

eso ferret the hunters
Ferret the Hunters Locations

The three Hunters you need to find are:

  • Urredhel
  • Elissa Marcellinus
  • Sabashur

Where to Find Urredhel in Galen

You can find Urredhel on the Northern part of Galen, North of the Glimmertarn Wayshrine. He is standing on a tree and is using a Bow as his weapon.


Where to Find Elissa Marcellinus in Galen

You can find Elissa Marcelinus on the Eastern part of Galen, South of the Embervine Delve entrance and the Llanshara Wayshrine. She is camping near the Delve’s entrance and is using a Staff as her weapon.

eso ferret the hunters
Elissa Marcellinus

Where to Find Sabashur in Galen

You can find Sabashur on the South Eastern part of Galen, South of the Eastern Shores Wayshrine and near the Windwrack Fort point of interest. He is on the top of a hill practicing with his Greatsword.

eso ferret the hunters
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