ESO Legacy Slayer Achievement Guide


ESO Legacy Slayer

Legacy Slayer is a fast and easy Exploration Achievement in ESO! To complete the achievement, you must find and defeat four Blue Venom Pirates around the zone of Southern Elsweyr. The Dragonhold DLC(Purchase or ESO Plus) is required to gain access to the zone. All four Pirates are easy to find and defeat! By completing the achievement you also unlock the “Pirate” title!

eso legacy slayer
Legacy Slayer Achievement

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How to Get Legacy Slayer Achievement in ESO

The four Pirates are scattered around the zone of Southern Elsweyr! A couple are cleverly hidden but all four are easy to find. You can find them nearby specific points of interest in the zone! On the map below you can see the Pirates’ location.

eso legacy slayer
Legacy Slayer Locations

The four Pirates you need to find are:

  • Kanebar
  • Hasawen
  • Vindaire
  • Tildaro

Where to find Kanebar in Southern Elsweyr

Kanebar is hidden inside a cave on the Northern part of the map. Head West from the Pridehome Wayshrine towards the lake. Enter the cave and you will find Kanebar performing a ritual.

Where to find Hasawen in Southern Elsweyr

You can find Hasawen near the Moonlit Cove Delve on the Southern part of the map. She is practicing with her weapon.


Where to find Vindaire in Southern Elsweyr

Vindaire is East of the capital Senchal. You can find her camp near the shore.

eso legacy slayer

Where to find Tildaro in Southern Elsweyr

Finally Tildaro is the easiest to find! He is camping North East of the Forsaken Citadel delve in a glade!


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