na-totambu group event puzzle

Na-Totambu Group Event Puzzle

The Lost City of the Na-Totambu Group Event is a simple but fascinating puzzle in ESO! The puzzle is part of the Public Dungeon in the zone of Alik’r Desert and by completing it you get a skill point as a reward!

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Where to find the Na-Totambu Puzzle in ESO

The Lost City of the Na-Totambu Public Dungeon is located in the Eastern part of the Alik’r Desert base zone! When you enter the Dungeon follow the path inside and head to the Western area to find the puzzle!

How to Solve the Na-Totambu Group Event Puzzle in ESO

Solving the puzzle is rather easy! While it is designed for at least two players you can solve it as a Solo player as well! On the floor you can find six plates. Each plate bears a specific symbol. Two(2) depict a Scarab, two(2) a Spider and the other two(2) a Scorpion. To solve the puzzle you have to step on the plates in the right order! Players must step on the same plates in this order:

  • Scarabs
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
na-totambu group event puzzle
Na-Totambu puzzle order

Two players can stand on each of the same plates and solve the puzzle fast. It is possible to solve it alone too! Just step on the plates in the right order as fast as possible(Scarab-Scarab-Spider-Spider-Scorpion-Scorpion). If a third player is standing on a different plate, the puzzle fails! The same will happen if you step on Scarab and before you can step on the second Scarab, you step on the other plates!

Public Dungeon Group Event Weekly Endeavor

Solving this puzzle is also a great way to complete the “Complete x Public Dungeon Group EventWeekly Endeavor fast and get your Seals of Endeavor currency!

Complete x Public Dungeon Group Events Weekly Endeavor

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