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Sorcerer-King Orgnum Patron Deck

Sorcerer-King Orgnum, is one of the extra Patron Decks you can unlock in The Elder Scrolls Online! By unlocking this Deck you can add Orgnum as a Patron and use his Cards in your Tales of Tribute matches. The Deck consists of five fragments you have to collect! To obtain the fragments you must first find and defeat the five Masters of Tales of Tribute! The fragments are:

  • Author’s Maormer Deck Fragment
  • Fillia’s Maormer Deck Fragment
  • Linyia’s Maormer Deck Fragment
  • Murzaga’s Maormer Deck Fragment
  • Nhorhim Maormer Deck Fragment

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How to Get Sorcerer-King Orgnum Patron Deck

To get the Deck you need to defeat each one of the five Masters! But you will have first to find them! By talking to members of the Roister’s Club in Gonfalon Bay, High Isle, you can get hints of the Masters whereabouts! However you cannot start challenging them immediately. You will need to play the card game and advance in Ranks before they accept to play a Tales of Tribute match with you!

Where to find Author’s Maormer Deck Fragment – Sorcerer-King Orgnum

The Author is located in The Hollow City, Coldharbour zone. You can find her sitting South of the Wayshrine, next to the stable.

Where to find Fillia’s Maormer Deck Fragment

Fillia is a ghost sitting inside the Sweetbreeze Cottage, in the Grahtwood zone. You can find the location easily by traveling South from Elden Root, the zone’s Capital.

Where to find Linyia’s Maormer Deck Fragment – Sorcerer-King Orgnum

To find Linyia you will have to travel to the zone of Craglorn. You will find her standing right in front of Shada’s Tear, a location South of Dragonstar. When you reach the area, jump down to find Linyia and the entrance to Shada’s Tear!

Where to find Murzaga’s Maormer Deck Fragment

Murzaga is located on the second floor of Ravenwatch Castle, in the Rivenspire zone. To enter the Castle you must first complete the “Shornhelm Divided” Quest, which is part of the zone’s main story line.

Where to find Nhorhim Maormer Deck Fragment – Sorcerer-King Orgnum

You can find Nhorhim inside a cave on the Southern part of the Eastmarch zone. The entrance to the cave is located South of the Hermit’s Hideout point of interest.

How to Unlock Sorcerer-King Orgnum Patron Deck

Once you get all fragments, combine them in Collections, Fragments, Sorcerer-King Orgnum Deck to unlock the Patron. You can now pick Sorcerer-King and use his cards in your Tales of Tribute matches!

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