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ESO Werewolf Guide

This ESO Werewolf Guide will show you how to become a Werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online and the best way to play as one! Lycanthropy is a unique state in the game that can provide you with various benefits but also drawbacks! It is possible to turn all of your characters into a Werewolf if you wish! The other unique state is turning into a Vampire. To better understand the difference between the two, you can read my Vampire vs Werewolf Guide!

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How to Become a Werewolf in ESO

There are three possible ways you can follow in order to turn your Character into a Werewolf! Buy the Skill line from the Crown Store, become infected by a special NPC or ask another player to turn you!

Become a Werewolf in ESO via Crown Store

You can buy the skill line with Crowns(premium currency) directly from the Crown Store! This will cost you around 1500 Crowns and is the fastest way to turn into a Werewolf!

eso werewolf

Become a Werewolf in ESO via NPC Infection

This is the most “natural” way to become a Werewolf, since it requires playing the game! There are special Werewolf NPC around the zones of The Rift, Bangkorai and Reaper’s March that can infect you with Lycanthropy. However it is difficult to find them since they only spawn during the right Moon phase(Full Moon)! You can see their locations on the maps below.

Once an NPC “bites” you, you are infected with Lycanthropy but you are not a Werewolf yet! You must first complete a special Werewolf Quest. Head to one of the Werewolf Shrines to start the Quest.

The Rift

Become a Werewolf in ESO via Player Infection

Finally you can ask other Werewolf players to feed on you and turn you into a Werewolf! Some players might ask for a small amount of Gold but there will always be players around willing to turn you for free! For players to turn you into a Werewolf they must have unlocked the Bloodmoon Werewolf Passive and feed on you near a Werewolf Shrine. You can find these Shrines in the Reaper’s March, The Rift and Bangkorai zones as seen on the maps above.

Once a player “bites” you, you are infected with Lycanthropy but you are not a Werewolf yet! You must first complete a special Werewolf Quest.

Werewolf Quest

This is a short, introductory quest to Werewolf and its skills in ESO! Read the Ancient Scroll that appears on the Shrine and enter the Portal. The portal will take you to an instanced area where you have to complete a few, easy objectives. Follow the instructions to complete the quest and turn into a Werewolf. Once the quest is complete you will be a Werewolf and able to use the line’s special skills!

Werewolf Skills in ESO

The Werewolf Skills are a mix of active and passive abilities that will help you create Werewolf themed Builds. You can use the abilities only when you are transformed into a Werewolf!

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Werewolf Active Skills

The Werewolf Active Skills are:

  • Werewolf Transformation & Morphs: Allow you to transform into a Werewolf.
  • Pounce & Morphs: Offer a gap closer that can also apply a strong Bleed.
  • Hircine’s Bounty & Morphs: The line’s heals that can buff you as well with strong effects.
  • Roar & Morphs: A fear ability with additional debuffs.
  • Piercing Howl & Morphs: These work as the line’s spammable.
  • Infectious Claws & Morphs: Apply a strong Disease DOT and can heal you or debuff the enemy.
eso werewolf vs vampire
Werewolf Passive Skills

The Werewolf Passive Skills are:

  • Devour: Allows you to devour corpses to prolong your transformation and heal yourself.
  • Pursuit: Increases your Movement Speed and Stamina you restore.
  • Blood Rage: Prolongs your transformation when you deal damage.
  • Savage Strength: Boosts your Damage and Resistance.
  • Bloodmoon: Allows you to infect another player with Lycanthropy once every 7 days by returning to the Werewolf ritual site. Players infected with Sanguinare Vampiris cannot be infected with Lycanthropy.
  • Call of the Pack: Reduces the cost of remaining Transformed when there are other Werewolves and Direwolves in your group.

Benefits of Being a Werewolf in ESO

Werewolf unlocks a few powerful abilities you can use in ESO! However you have to transform with the Werewolf Transformation Ultimate first before you can use them! Werewolves are strong in melee combat, which makes them a nice option for PVE or PVP Builds. However while you are transformed, you are more vulnerable to Poison attacks. Having the Werewolf Ultimate slotted increases your Stamina Recovery but also locks an Ultimate slot from using something else.

The transformation has a time limit. After that you will return to your normal form. You can extend the duration of your transformation by devouring enemy corpses, unlocking new passives such as Blood Rage and Call of the Pack.

What is the Best Way to Play as a Werewolf in ESO

Werewolf is best suited for Stamina based PVE Builds, as well as PVP Builds. Werewolf Builds are often sturdy Builds that hit hard! You can find several Werewolf Builds in my ESO Werewolf Builds page!

How to Cure Werewolf in ESO

If you wish, you can cure your Werewolf status any time. You do not lose the skills already learned nor their progression but you cannot use them until you are infected and transformed again. You can buy the cure from the crown store or visit the Mages Guild and ask a Priest of Arkay NPC to cure you for a small fee. The Priests are at the Capital of each Alliance, MournholdElden RootWayrest but also around major DLC towns!

Priest of Arkay

FAQ – ESO Werewolf Guide

Is it Good to Become a Werewolf in ESO?

Becoming a Werewolf in ESO is good for Stamina based Builds in PVE but also PVP Gameplay!

What is the advantage of Werewolf in ESO?

Werewolf in ESO unlocks new active and passive abilities that allow you to create sturdy Builds that hit hard! However you have to be transformed to use the skills.

What is the Best Class for Werewolf in ESO?

The Best Class for Werewolf in ESO is the Sorcerer, thanks to its unique Class Passive abilities! You can read more about all playable Classes in my ESO Class Guide!

What is the Best Race for Werewolf in ESO?

The Best Race for Werewolf in ESO is the Dark Elf! Other races with strong affinity to Stamina and Melee, like the Orc, Redguard or Wood Elf are also very good! You can read more about playable Races in my ESO Race Guide!

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