Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon Guide ESO

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Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon

Fungal Grotto 1 is one of the easiest Dungeons you can complete in ESO. It is also one of the first Dungeon you will gain access to, once you hit level 10 in the game. There is also a more challenging Dungeon you can complete in this same area, once you reach a higher level, Fungal Grotto 2! Despite being an easy overall Dungeon, there are a few mechanics that can kill you instantly and ruin the run for you and your group!

The Dungeon is available with the Base Game(no DLC required) and its entrance is on the Western part of the Stonefalls zone! In total there are five Bosses in the Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon. This Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights and their attack patterns.

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Armor Sets in Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Bosses in Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon ESO

You can find each Boss of the Dungeon by simply following the path inside. They are all quite easy to defeat but they do have a few interesting mechanics. Some of their hardest mechanics only appear in Veteran Difficulty.

fungal grotto 1
Fungal Grotto 1

Tazkad the Packmaster – Fungal Grotto 1

The first Boss of the Dungeon and a relatively easy opponent. Tazkad has a few minions next to him that will assist him in fight. Two archers and three Durzogs. His Light Attacks are not that dangerous and the tank should have no problem blocking them.

Tazkad the Packmaster

Tazkad can also use a charged magic attack that slows players down. Occasionally he will use a Bleed attack on the player. An overall easy opponent that is mostly light attacking players. Dealing with the minions fast should make the fight even easier. You can skip this Boss and proceed deeper into the dungeon if you wish.

War Chief Ozozai – Fungal Grotto 1

The first actual challenging Boss of the Dungeon. To continue deeper inside you will have to defeat the War Chief first. Ozozai is located on a large room with several other enemies nearby. It is better to defeat the other enemies, then engage in combat with him.

fungal grotto 1
War Chief Ozozai

The War Chief is accompanied by two bodyguards. These two enemies can cast a Dragoknight Standard-like ability and shields, so it will be better to deal with them fast while the Tank is aggroing the Boss.

When you aggro Ozozai, he will jump down and deal damage where he lands. Block or roll dodge to avoid being hit. His Light Attacks are not dangerous but his Heavy Attack can instantly kill you if you are not blocking. Occasionally he will also channel an AOE on a player’s feet. The AOE will grow and eventually explode. Block to avoid the damage. Another attack of his is a Roar that deals damage and knocks players back.

Broodbirther – Fungal Grotto 1

Another Boss with a couple bodyguards near it. The two Dreughs that guard it can use a Lightning Conal attack and Light Attacks against players. They are easy to deal with.


His attacks are similar to those of his bodyguards. Light Attacks that do not deal much damage, as well as a Lightning Conal Attack in front of him that is easy to block. However he can also pull players to him.

Clatterclaw – Fungal Grotto 1

Clatterclaw is surrounded by a few mudcrabs and can also summon more during the fight. This is its special move actually.


This Boss is basically a giant Mudcrab that Light Attacks players and summons smaller versions of him to swarm you. Easy to kill.

Kra’gh the Dreugh King – Fungal Grotto 1

The Final Boss of the Dungeon! Kra’gh has a few deadly mechanics that can easily kill you if you are not paying attention!

fungal grotto 1
Kra’gh the Dreugh King

His Light Attacks will not deal much damage and are easy to block or ignore. Occasionally he will imbue his Claws with Lightning and attack multiple times fast. Tank should hold aggro and block. After this flurry of attacks is over he might start charging his Heavy Attack. This is a deadly attack that can kill you instantly. Block to survive.

Kra’gh can also pull a player to him. He usually does that right before he unleashes his other deadly skill. The Boss will stand still and start charging an AOE under him. When the AOE is complete, he will unleash Lightning strikes on the ground inside the AOE’s area, dealing massive damage. This attack will instantly kill you if you are caught inside the AOE. Get out of the AOE fast to survive or try to block if you cannot get out in time. At around 65% and 35% Health, he will summon mudcrabs. They are easy to kill with a few AOE skills.

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