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Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon

Fungal Grotto 2 in ESO, continues the story of the Fungal Grotto 1 Dungeon in the same area. It is not a very difficult Dungeon to complete but it is definitely more challenging than the first Fungal Grotto Dungeon. There are a few interesting and deadly Boss mechanics you will encounter here! The Dungeon is available with the Base Game(no DLC required) and its entrance is on the Western part of the Stonefalls zone! In total there are six Bosses in the Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon. This Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights and their attack patterns.

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Armor Sets in Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. This Dungeon shares the same Sets with Fungal Grotto 1 except for the Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Bosses in Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon ESO

You can find each Boss of the Dungeon by simply following the path inside. They are all quite easy to defeat but they do have a few interesting mechanics. Some of their hardest mechanics only appear in Veteran Difficulty.

Fungal Grotto 2

Mephala’s Fang – Fungal Grotto 2

The first Boss of the Dungeon and an overall easy fight. Mephala’s Fang has two healer adds, that will try to heal it when taking damage. Focusing on the adds first should make the fight easier.

fungal grotto 2
Mephala’s Fang

Its Light and Heavy Attacks are not that dangerous as long as you block them. It will spit a poison AOE at a random player. The AOE stays on the ground and deals Poison damage to players inside it. Try to move out of it to avoid being damaged. It will also attack with a Poison Conal attack to whoever has aggro. This can deal significant damage, so the Tank should place the Boss in a way that is not facing the rest of your group. Mephala’s Fang will try to consume any corpses nearby(adds or players) to replenish its Health. Interrupt it to stop it from healing! Overall a quite easy fight if you are focused. You can even choose to skip the fight if you wish.

Gamyne Bandu – Fungal Grotto 2

The hardest Boss of the Dungeon, if you do not know how to deal with her mechanics! Gamyne has a nasty instant kill skill that will wipe your group if you do not deal with it fast!

Gamyne Bandu

Her Light Attacks are easy to deal with. When she is charging her Heavy Attack, just Block to avoid getting knocked back. She also attacks with a Shadow projectile that knocks back a random player and tether him with another. If one of the players is the Tank, the other player will start losing Health rapidly. Move away from each other to break the tether.

Occasionally she will summon four Shadow Tormentors that will pin down a random player from your group and start channeling a skill. This is her deadliest attack! During the channel, a shadow sword descents slowly on the pinned down player! If you do not stop the channel fast, the sword will kill the player. To interrupt this attack simply kill one of the Tormentors. The rest of the group will have to focus on a single Tormentor and kill him fast for this to work! Do not spread your damage on all four! Finally when she is low on Health, she will summon four Obsidian Aspects, clones of her! Kill them to force her to appear and finish her.

Ciirenas the Shepherd – Fungal Grotto 2

Ciirenas is a super easy and fast fight! As long as you do not kill her adds! She is accompanied by three adds, Ciirenas’ Spiders. The goal here is to attack the Boss with only single target damage skills and avoid killing her adds. Because if you kill them you will boost the Boss’ defense! Every spider you kill, increases her defenses, making you deal less damage and the fight to last longer!

fungal grotto 2
Ciirenas the Shepherd

Her attacks are simple. She will mark a player and have her spiders attack them. She can also fear a player with a charged attack. You can interrupt this attack. Ciirenas will spend most of the fight light attacking the player with aggro, usually the Tank, which makes this fight rather easy. You can skip this fight if you wish.

Spawn of Mephala – Fungal Grotto 2

A quite challenging Boss with a banish mechanic that can destroy groups.

Spawn of Mephala

During the fight, the Boss will open a portal and banish the player closer to it in another area. When in that area, the banished player will have to kill a few spiders as fast as possible. When you kill the spiders the portal will open again and you can return to the fight. While the player is banished the fight continues, so the rest of the group will have to survive and continue attacking the Boss. If the Tank or Healer gets Banished, the fight for the rest of the group will be harder. To avoid this, the Tank and Healer of the group should stay as far away as possible from the portal. A strong DPS that can kill the spiders fast is usually the best to be banished.

Her Light and Heavy Attacks are not very dangerous. Block the Heavy Attacks and you will be fine. A beam of light moves around the area, slowly building up a ground AOE. The AOE eventually explodes and deals damage. Stay out of the AOE. She can also charge a large AOE attack under her feet. This attack can deal significant damage. Move away to avoid being damaged. The Tank can block it.

Reggr Dark-Dawn – Fungal Grotto 2

You can find this Boss inside the secret area of the Dungeon, that opens when you defeat the Spawn of Mephala.

fungal grotto 2
Reggr Dark-Dawn

A simple Boss fight in a small area with other enemies nearby. You can stay in the middle of the room and avoid aggroing the other enemies if you wish. He is mostly Light Attacking but will occasionally use with a whirlwind attack. You can avoid this by stepping out of the weapon’s range. His most dangerous attack is a skill that drains the group’s magicka. So Magicka based players might have some sustain issues during this fight. He will also Heavy Attack at times. Block to deal with it.

When you defeat the Boss, interact with the Obsidian Husk behind it and return to the entrance area. You do not have to run all the way back to the entrance. Just use the shortcut near the Spawn of Mephala Boss fight area.

Shortcut to entrance

Once you return to the entrance talk to Defender Two-Blades to summon the final Boss. He will spawn a shield and the Boss will appear.

Vila Theran – Fungal Grotto 2

This is the Final Boss of the Dungeon with a few straightforward mechanics. Overall an easy fight as long as you stay focused.

fungal grotto 2
Vila Theran

Her Light Attacks are a simple shadow projectile that you can block easily or even out heal. Throughout the fight she teleports around, leaving black holes on the ground. The Black holes will start expanding and will deal damage to players standing on them. Avoid standing on them!

Her most deadly attack is when she stands still and directs a channel to the entire group. This deals significant damage and puts strain on the healer. You can avoid its damage by entering the shield raised by Defender Two-Blades. While she channels this attack, the holes will reach their biggest radius. Once the attack is over, the holes will disappear and she will start teleporting around again.

How to activate Fungal Grotto 2 Veteran Hard Mode – Vila Theran Boss Fight

If Fungal Grotto 2 is one of your Daily Undaunted Pledges, you might want to earn two Undaunted Keys by completing it in Veteran Hardmode difficulty. Unlike most other Dungeons, there is no Scroll of Glorious Battle in here. So in order to activate and complete the Veteran Hard Mode difficulty in Fungal Grotto 2, you should simply not enter the Shield raised by Defender Two-Blades! You will have to endure Vila Theran’s channeled attack without any help from the NPC.

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