galen skyshards

Galen Skyshards

The Firesong DLC adds six new Skyshards in the Galen zone in ESO, that will reward you with two new Skill Points. The Skyshards are located Overworld and inside the two Delves of the Galen zone. By collecting all six of them you can also unlock the Galen Skyshard Hunter Achievement.

Galen Skyshard Hunter

Galen Skyshards Map

On the map below you can find the location of all six new skyshards. Four are available Overland and are overall easy to find. The other two are waiting inside the zone’s two delves, Fauns’ Thicket and Embervine!

galen skyshards
Skyshards Location

Skyshards Location

This is where you can find all six skyshards:

  1. Through a lofty tunnel in Glimmertarn, on a balcony with a view. Follow the path South of Glimmertarn’s wayshrine. The Skyshard is at the end, on a balcony above Y’ffre’s Path.
  2. Found near a curious bridge made from a large tree near Ivyhame. Follow the Path North of Llanshara wayshrine. The Skyshard is located South of Llanshara along the path. Easy to find.
  3. Between two boulders in the hills northwest of Tuinh. West of Tuinh settlement, sitting between two rocks.
  4. Southeast of Fauns’ Thicket on a bluff, surrounded by rocks. North of Vastyr and North East of the Volcanic Vent in the area. Climb around the hill and go to the top. The Skyshard is surrounded by statues.
  5. Inside Fauns’ Thicket, on ruined stairs in the southern cliffs. Inside the Fauns’ Thicket Delve, on a plateau South, guarded by two Spriggans.
  6. Overlooking the magma pools near the northern tip of Embervine. In the third area of the Delve. When inside the Inner Caverns, take the northern exit to reach the Jungle Overlook and the Skyshard.

Happy Skyshard hunting and enjoy your new Skill Points!

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