how to get druid king deck
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How to Get Druid King Patron Deck

The Druid King Deck is one of the extra Patron Decks you can unlock in ESO! By unlocking this Deck you can add Druid King as a Patron and use his Cards in your Tales of Tribute matches. The Druid King Deck consists of five fragments you have to collect! You can get the fragments by performing specific activities in the Galen zone! The fragments are:

  • Delver’s Druid Deck Fragment
  • Slayer’s Druid Deck Fragment
  • Geomancer’s Druid Deck Fragment
  • Soothing Druid Deck Fragment
  • Dreamer’s Druid Deck Fragment
Druid Deck Fragments

Acquiring and combining all five fragments, also unlocks the Kasorayn, My Ally Achievement!

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How to Unlock Druid King Deck

In order to unlock the Deck, you have to collect its five fragments. You can collect each fragment by performing a specific activity in the zone of Galen! This is where you can find all five fragments!


How to get Delver’s Druid Deck Fragment

This fragment has a chance to drop when you defeat Delve Bosses around the zone! In total there are two Delves in Galen(Purple on Map).

how to get druid king deck
Embervine Delve Boss

How to get Slayer’s Druid Deck Fragment

Has a chance to drop from every Overworld Boss in the zone. There are two Overworld Bosses in total(Red on the map).

Overworld Boss

How to get Geomancer’s Druid Deck Fragment

This fragment has a chance to drop from Volcanic Cache every time you clear a Volcanic Vent in the zone. In total there are five Vents in the area(Yellow on Map).

how to get druid king deck
Volcanic Cache

How to Get Soothing Druid Deck Fragment

To get this fragment you will have to complete “The Best of Friends” Achievement! The achievement requires you to find and interact with Pets around Galen! For the location of every Pet you can interact with in Galen, you can read this “The Best of Friends” Achievement Guide!

The Best of Friends

How to Get Dreamer’s Druid Deck Fragment

You can acquire this fragment as a reward for completing “The Dream of Kasorayn” zone Quest in Galen. This is the fifth Quest of the main story line for the Galen zone!

how to get druid king deck
Dreamer’s Druid Deck Fragment

Once you get all fragments, combine them in Collections, Fragments, Druid King Deck to unlock the Deck. You can now pick Druid King and use his cards in your Tales of Tribute matches!

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