How to Get Rajhin, the Purring Liar Patron Deck in ESO

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How to Get Rajhin

Rajhin, the Purring Liar, is one of the extra Patron Decks you can unlock in The Elder Scrolls Online! By unlocking this Deck you can add Rajhin as a Patron and use his Cards in your Tales of Tribute matches.

In order to get Rajhin, the Purring Liar Deck, you must first unlock the “Flower of Chivalry” achievement. The achievement will ask you to perform acts of Chivalry across High Isle. These acts include completing a few Quests but also defeat a couple Overworld Bosses in the zone.

When you complete the achievement you will unlock the Rajhin Deck but also earn the “Knight Errant” title! This Patron Deck guide will show you where you can start the required acts of Chivalry around the zone!

Flower of Chivalry

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How to Unlock Rajhin, the Purring Liar

In order to get Rajhin, you will have to complete nine acts of Chivalry around High Isle and unlock the “Flower of Chivalry” achievement! This is where you can find the location of every act of Chivalry!

how to get rajhin
Flower of Chivalry map

1. Complete the Quest “Tournament of the Heart” – How to get Rajhin

You can start this quest by talking to Isobel Veloise at Castle Navire. You can find Isobel South West of the Castle Navire Wayshrine. Completing this Quest also unlocks Isobel as a Companion!

how to get rajhin
Tournament of the Heart

2. Complete the Quest “Race for Honor” – How to get Rajhin

Find Cynric Ginise around Garick’s Rest on the Northern part of High Isle. Complete his trials to complete the quest.

how to get rajhin
Race for Honor

3. Complete the “All Flags Curse” – How to get Rajhin

To start this quest, find Stibbons at the Dock, North of Steadfast Manor. Accept his quest and follow him to the All Flags Islet at the center of the map, to complete it.

All Flags Curse

4. Complete the Quest ” An Experiment with Peace” – How to get Rajhin

Talk to Armin Demalle right in front of Steadfast Manor, to begin this quest.

An Experiment with Peace

5. Complete the Quest “Blood, Books and Steel” – How to get Rajhin

Find Squire Rayan, right in front of the boat that will take you to the Spire of Crimson Coin Public Dungeon. Accept his quest and enter the Public Dungeon to complete it.

Blood, Books and Steel

6. Complete the Quest ” In Secret and Shadow” – How to get Rajhin

Find Sir Nathain Galien, right before you enter the Death’s Valor Keep Delve and accept his quest. The Delve is located South of the Dreadsail Reef Trial.

In Secret and Shadow

7. Defeat The Sable Knight – How to get Rajhin

Defeat The Sable Knight Overworld Boss at the Y’ffre’s Cauldron point of interest, West of Gonfalon Bay. Easier to complete with the help of other players.

The Sable Knight

8. Defeat the Ascendant Executioner and Ascendant Harrower

Defeat the Ascendant Executioner and Ascendant Harrower Overworld Boss at the Dark Stone Hollow point of interest. You can find the Boss North of Castle Navire. Easier to complete with the help of other players.

Ascendant Executioner and Ascendant Harrower

9. Complete the Quest “A Final Peace” – How to get Rajhin

This is a random Delve Daily Quest you can get from Wayllod at Gonfalon Bay! The quest will send you at Death’s Valor Keep Delve, so you can complete it along with the “In Secret and Shadow” Quest there.

how to get rajhin
A Final Peace

Once you complete all of the above nine acts of Chivalry, you will unlock the “Flower of Chivalry” Achievement and Rajhin, the Purring Liar Deck. You can now pick Rajhin and use his cards in your Tales of Tribute matches!

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