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Throne and Liberty Guardians

Guardians in Throne and Liberty is a special transformation system, that allows you to change your appearance and inherit powerful abilities! A unique morph that will help you overcome tougher opponents by enhancing your capabilities briefly. This Throne and Liberty Guide will show you the available Guardians and how to Unlock them!

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What are Guardians in Throne and Liberty

Guardians are basically historical figures in the lore of Throne and liberty that can lend you their abilities briefly! A sort of an Ultimate ability that you can setup and use at the right moment. With their help, it is possible to overcome tougher enemies that you would struggle to defeat at a lower level. Every Guardian has a unique ability to offer you that you can use to further complement and enhance your TL Build and Skills! This transformation is not permanent though. It only lasts a few seconds and has a cooldown of several minutes. So knowing when to use your Guardian is important to survive against harder enemies!

brutal warrior valkarg
Brutal Warrior Valkarg Guardian

How to Unlock Guardians in Throne and Liberty

You will unlock your first Guardian by following the main Quest of Throne and liberty. When you complete the Chapter 5 Codex entry (Sacred Pledge of Blood Quest), you will gain access to the Vampire Slayer Ezekiel Guardian. This unlocks the Guardians system and allows you to get access to all available Guardians, either by completing specific tasks or quests! Vampire Slayer Ezekiel is a great first option that will help you early in the game, thanks to his Vampiric skill effect.

throne and liberty guardians
Vampire Slayer Ezekiel Guardian

How Many Guardians there are in Throne and Liberty

At the moment there are seven(7) available Guardians you can unlock and use in the game. These are:

  • Brutal Warrior Valkarg
  • Green Ranger Elowen
  • Lady Knight Kamarshea
  • Masked Warlock Dantalux
  • Pale Nemesis Hartach
  • Shade Revenant Stheno
  • Vampire Slayer Ezekiel

Each one of them has a unique skill to offer you that can work well along with your Build and favorite skills. Picking the right Guardian for your Build will further enhance your capabilities and play style.

throne and liberty guardians
Guardians List

What are the Guardians Skills in Throne and Liberty

Guardians work as a form of Ultimate Skills that can help you overcome tougher opponents. While you can pick any Guardian you wish, picking one with an appropriate skill for your Build and setup will be the most beneficial to you. The Guardian Skills in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Brutal Warrior ValkargBarbarian’s Thirst: Accumulates damage when hit up to 4000% of your Max Base Damage. When you inflict Stun, Bind or Sleep on an enemy, 25% of that accumulated damage is dealt to that enemy.
  • Green Ranger ElowenThorn Shackles: On Summoning, has a 80% chance to Bind all enemies in a 4m radius for 5s. While Summoned, attacking any targets affected by Bind and Move Speed reduction will increase Melee, Ranged and Magical Critical Hit by 500.
  • Lady Knight KamarsheaEternal Barrier: Creates a Shield for 50% of your Max Mana. Cooldown Speed increases by 40% while the Shield is up. Summon ends when the Shield is removed.
  • Masked Warlock DantaluxAbyssal Sanctuary: When using Mana, you recover 26% of the used Mana. 53% of your nearest party member’s Mana is also recovered.
  • Pale Nemesis HartachStealth Blade: Stealth for 5s if your target dies within 3s. Stealth for 7.5s at night. Your first attack while Hidden lands as a Critical Hit.
  • Shade Revenant SthenoDread Shard: Launches 5 projectiles at random enemies within a 10m range every second. A single enemy may be hit with multiple projectiles at the same time. Each projectile deals 52% of Base Damage.
  • Vampire Slayer EzekielVampiric Scar: Defense increases by 400. Deals damage over time equal to 0.6% of your Max Health every sec to hostile targets within a 2.5m radius. Restores Health by 20% of damage dealt to those targets.

Throne and Liberty Guardians Summary

Guardians is a special transformation system in Throne and Liberty, that allows you to change your appearance and inherit powerful abilities briefly. A some sort of an Ultimate Skill system that lets you defeat harder opponents. You can unlock Guardians by completing the Chapter 5 Sacred Pledge of Blood Quest. Each Guardian offers a powerful ability that can enhance and complement further your TL Builds! While it is possible to pick any Guardian to use, it is better to pick one that offers a skill and play style similar to your own for the best results!

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