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Chronic Chronologer Achievement

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Chronic Chronologer is another interesting achievement you can complete in the zone of Murkmire! The achievement asks you to find the twelve missing tablets of the Xinchei-Konu Monument and rewards you with its replica upon completion.

The Murkmire DLC is required to gain access to the zone.

The Xinchei-Konu replica is a furniture you can place in your house. To officially begin searching for the tablets, you must first visit the Xinchei-Konu monument, North of the zone’s capital, Lilmoth.

chronic chronologer

There you can speak to Jekka-Wass Vozei and accept his “Monument of Change” quest. The quest will guide you to the first missing tablet. Once you retrieve it and place it back to the monument, you will receive “The Broken Xinchei-Konu” book, which contains clues of the other tablets whereabouts.

Tablets Location

To complete the achievement and receive the replica you must find all twelve missing tablets and place them back to the monument.

chronic chronologer

The “Monument of Change” quest will guide you to the first “Vakka” Tablet but you will have to use the clues from “The Broken Xinchei-Konu” book to find the rest.

While looking for the Tablets you will also have the opportunity to complete the “Those Who Swallows Seasons” Achievement. This one is asking you to kill four named Miregaunts in the zone.

This is where you can find all Tablet Locations in Murkmire.

chronic chronologer
Tablets Location

1. Vakka Tablet: It drops from the Swallows-The-Sun Miregaunt type of enemy, that is located East of the Blackrose Prison Arena. The “Monument of Change” quest will guide you to its location. Kill the enemy, collect the tablet and return it to the monument to receive “The Broken Xinchei-Konu” book.

2. Xeech Tablet: Hidden behind a Ruin you can find South of the Root Whisper Village.

3. Sisei Tablet: North of the Dominus Fatum point of interest, close to the Lakemire Xanmeer Manor house. You can find the tablet in the back side of a large ruin.

4. Hist-Deek Tablet: In a shipwreck West of Lilmoth and South East of Alten Meerhleel point of interest.

5. Hist-Dooka Tablet: You can find this Tablet inside the Echoing Hollow cave. The entrance of the cave is in the Echoing Hollow Overworld Boss location.

6. Hist-Tsoko Tablet: The tablet is lying on the ground, South of the Blackrose Prison Arena.

7. Thtithil-Gah Tablet: Inside an abandoned house in the Eastern part of Lilmoth.

chronic chronologer
Thtithil-Gah Tablet

8. Thtithil Tablet: Inside a ruin, South West of the Bright Throat Village and Wayshrine.

9. Nushmeeko Tablet: This tablet is located inside the Wither-Vault location. The Wither-Vault is South West of the Root Whisper Village and the only way to gain entrance to it is by progressing the main story quest of the zone.

Accepting the “Whispers in the Wood” quest, which is the third quest of the main story line, from Kassandra at Lilmoth, will grant you access to the vault. You can find the Tablet inside, behind the Chimes.

10. Shaja-Nushmeeko Tablet: It drops from the Belly-of-Stone Miregaunt type of enemy, that is located North of the Dead Water Village.

11. Saxhleel Tablet: It drops from the Roots-That-Stumble Miregaunt type of enemy, that is located South of the Teeth of Sithis Delve.

12. Xulomaht Tablet: It drops from the Breath-Like-Decay Miregaunt type of enemy, that is located South of the Root Whisper Village.

Once you retrieve all Tablets, place them to the Monument to complete the Chronic Chronologer achievement and retrieve the replica!

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