Vine-Tongue Traveler Achievement Guide ESO


Vine Tongue Traveler

Vine Tongue Traveler is an interesting exploration achievement, taking place in the zone of Murkmire. The achievement asks you to find and read six Vine-Tongue books hidden around the zone.

The books can be found in six “secret” places around Murkmire. To reach the places, you will need the fire rock tool, which you can get by starting a Quest in the zone. Vine-Tongue Traveler is a fun achievement that will take you around the zone of Murkmire and allow you to admire a few beautiful vistas. To enter the zone and complete the achievement, the Murkmire DLC is required.

Vine-Tongue Traveler

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How to get the Fire Rock Tool – Vine Tongue Traveler

The Fire Rock tool is necessary to complete this achievement. The only way to acquire it is by starting a quest in the Dead Water Village. Head to the area and talk to Beel-Ranu, right outside of the village in the South.

This will begin the “Death among the Dead Water” Quest. The Quest will eventually guide you to Bhoki‘s house, where you can find the Fire Rock Tool.

How to use the Fire Rock Tool

You can find the Fire Rock in the Tools tab in collections. You can also equip it and use it when you are nearby a Tamed Vine-Tongue. Throwing a Fire Rock to this type of Vine-Tongues, will force a reaction from them. They will grab and pull your character, allowing you to reach places you could not reach otherwise.

How to get Vine Tongue Traveler Achievement in ESO

In order to get the Vine-Tongue Traveler Achievement you have to discover the six “secret” areas around the map and read the books you can find there. This is where you can find all six Books Locations around Murkmire.

Vine Tongue Traveler Books

1. Vine Tongues: Introduction. You can find it at the Xinchei-Konu monument, North of Lilmoth, the Capital of the zone.

vine tongue traveler
Vine Tongues: Introduction

2. Vine-Tongues: Preparations. North of the Dominus Fatum point of interest and South East of the Lakemire Xanmeer Manor House.

vine tongue traveler
Vine-Tongues: Preparations

3. Vine-Tongues: Happy Plants. Between the Teeth of Sithis Delve and the Blackrose Prison Wayshrine.

Vine-Tongues: Happy Plants

4. Vine-Tongues: Nourishment. On a small island, West of the Ruined Guardhouse point of interest and South of the Blackrose Prison Arena.

vine tongue traveler
Vine-Tongues: Nourishment

5. Vine-Tongues: A Happy Home. Inside the Tsofeer Cavern Delve, next to the Boss area.

6. Vine-Tongues: Common Mistakes. Inside the lowest floor of the Teeth of Sithis Delve, next to the Boss area.

The “secret” areas usually include a path of Tamed Vine-Tongues, that you will have to follow in order to find each book. When you read all six Vine-Tongue Books you will complete achievement!

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