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Diablo 4 Classes

Classes in Diablo 4 are dynamic and offer several viable ways to play with them! Each Class has its own unique identity and skill tree, that allows you to create and enjoy your personal play style! This Diablo 4 Classes Guide will help you discover all available classes in the game, as well as pick the right Class for you!

Every Class in Diablo 4 can choose from a variety of skills and other items, in order to create a unique Build! Picking the right skills for your favorite Class is only the beginning of customizing your character. Farming the right gear, picking the right Aspect and dealing with other several details will be an important part of Class and Character Customization as well! Want to know how you can unlock more Skill points with Renown for your Class? You can read my Diablo 4 Renown Guide!

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How Many Classes there are in Diablo 4?

In total there are five Classes available in Diablo 4. These are:

  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Rogue
  • Necromancer
  • Sorcerer

Each Class offers its own unique Skill tree and has access to different abilities. Classes offer variety in gameplay and are not gender locked! If you wish to pursue a specific play style, you will have to pick a Class with skills that can fulfill it however. More Classes will probably be added later in the game.

Which Class to Play in Diablo 4?

All available Classes are dynamic and offer interesting and fun play styles! You should pick the one that suits your preferred play style the most however! If you enjoy melee combat then probably the Barbarian is the perfect option for you. If you lean more towards magic and ranged gameplay, then probably the Sorcerer is the Class for you. Every Diablo 4 Class has its own pros and cons but they all can be fun and rewarding.


Barbarian – Diablo 4 Classes

The Barbarian is a staple Class of the Diablo franchise. A huge brute that favors melee gameplay and an “in your face”, personal play style! The Barbarian in Diablo 4 has twelve gear slots and can carry up to four weapons! You can use all of these weapons, depending on your active skills.

Its special mechanic is called Expertise and unlocks at level 5! Expertise allows you to earn experience for the weapons you are using and upgrade their capabilities, up to rank 10. At level 15 the Barbarian can also unlock a Technique slot that further enhances its potential. Barbarian’s skills deal massive damage with melee weapons(Two Handed or Dual Wield) and can apply deadly Bleed effects to your enemies. The special resource of the Barbarian is Fury. You can generate Fury when using certain skills but also when you receive damage.

Why you should choose the Barbarian in Diablo 4

If you enjoy melee combat, stomping enemies and smashing heads with all of your weapons, then the Barbarian is the right Class for you. A powerful melee Class that can stand toe to toe with the strongest enemies and destroy everything in its way. The Barbarian might be a tough Class to play early in the game though, especially for new Diablo players. This is because of its lack of ranged abilities and the need to take damage to generate Fury.

diablo 4 classes


Another melee focused Class that also has access to magic and shapeshifting abilities! The Druid offers Nature based skills, in the form of three elements, Earth, Wind and Storm. These abilities give you crowd control capabilities and great damage when combined and used properly. What makes the Class unique though is the ability to shapeshift and transform into a Werewolf or Werebear! You can focus on one of the different Magic and Shapeshifting options for your Druid or even better mix and match them for the best results.

The Class has ten gear slots and its special mechanic is called Spirit Boons. You can unlock Spirit Boons at level 15 by completing a specific Druid quest. Spirit Boons unlocks special effects for different spirits, enhancing further the capabilities of your Druid! The Druid’s special resource is called Spirit and to generate it you must use specific skills.

Why you should choose the Druid in Diablo 4

If you love shapeshifting and playing as a Werewolf or Werebear, then the Druid is your only option! Earth, Wind and Storm magic also offer more flexibility to your builds in the form of Crowd Control and damage. The Druid is melee focused however and since Spirit doesn’t generate automatically, is not an easy Class to begin with.


Rogue – Diablo 4 Classes

The most flexible and fun Class in Diablo 4! The Rogue can switch easily between melee and ranged gameplay, allowing to tackle any kind of threat and deal with enemies close and far away. As a Rogue you can pick from a variety of melee based or ranged skills that use any type of one hand, two handed melee weapons, Bows and Crossbows!

A fast and agile Class that can later enhance its abilities with shadow magic, poison or cold! The Rogue can also use traps to deal damage and slow down enemies. It has eleven gear slots(can carry ranged and melee weapons at the same time) and its special mechanic is called Specialization. Specialization unlocks at level 15 and allows you to pick passive bonuses that can affect your play style. Its special resource is called Energy and is automatically regenerating over time!

Why you should choose the Rogue in Diablo 4

Want to play as an Archer in Diablo 4? Want to add shadow magic to your skills and move fast in the battlefield? Then the Rogue is for you! An agile Class with access to melee and ranged abilities that can deal with every enemy. While the Rogue is fast and deadly it also requires good positioning to use its skills effectively!



The Class of Death and undead Minions in Diablo 4! Necromancer can summon an army of undead to assist you in combat. Create corpses, then turn those corpses into faithful skeletal warriors to defeat your opponents. Necromancer is flexible enough, in the sense that it can use the Blood of its enemies to deal damage and fortify itself or cast Dark and Bone skills to obliterate enemies. It has ten gear slots and its special mechanic is called Book of the Dead. Book of the Dead unlocks at level 5 and offers options to further enhance your minions or character. Necromancer’s special resource is Essence, which regenerates automatically.

Why you should choose the Necromancer in Diablo 4

The Necromancer commands an undead army that can deal with your enemies and assist you in combat. The perfect Class for the role of Summoner with access to several offensive, defensive and utility skills. The Necromancer is a well balanced Class in Diablo 4 that relies however on its minions for success.

diablo 4 classes

Sorcerer – Diablo 4 Classes

The Sorcerer is the master of Elemental Damage, with access to Fire, Shock and Frost Damage! The Sorcerer can create powerful themed based builds but can also mix spells from different elemental magic for the best results! A Powerful Magic Class with strong AOE skills! The Class has ten gear slots and its special mechanic is called Enchantment! Enchantments unlock at level 15 and allow you to enchant an ability with additional passive effects. This strengthens skills of your choice and helps you to create a personal and unique build. Sorcerer’s special resource is Mana, that generates automatically over time.

Why you should choose the Sorcerer in Diablo 4

The Sorcerer is powerful and the best Class to choose if you enjoy playing with magic! Three different Magic Skill lines and strong AOE damage make the Class a favorite for new players. Can be vulnerable if you are greatly outnumbered without the option to escape.

What is the Best Beginner Class in Diablo 4?

The Sorcerer and the Necromancer are the easiest Classes for beginners in Diablo 4! The Sorcerer has superb AOE damage that can clear rooms full of enemies fast, while the Necromancer can rely on its undead minions to destroy even the strongest enemies! Both are easy to play and strong with straightforward skills and synergies, which makes them the best option for new but also veteran Diablo players.

The Rogue is a fun and interesting Class that combines melee and ranged skills. Can deal massive damage at every distance but requires good positioning to be truly effective. Finally the Barbarian and the Druid, while strong in close combat, lack the ranged tools to be effective against a variety of enemies and more importantly Bosses. They are both definitely strong in melee combat but new players will struggle against ranged enemies.

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