Diablo 4 Rogue Specialization System Guide

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Diablo 4 Rogue Specialization

Specialization is the special mechanic of the Rogue Class in Diablo 4! Every Class in Diablo 4 has its own unique mechanic, that allows it to create powerful and flexible Builds. Specialization allows you to unlock three special, passive effects, that can greatly enhance your Build and help you deal with stronger enemies! To unlock Specialization you will have first to complete a Rogue specific Quest however. The Specialization System is essential to create strong Rogue Builds in Diablo 4!

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What are the Rogue Specializations in Diablo 4

The Specialization system allows you to unlock three different and very helpful passive effects! These Specializations unlock at different levels and create a unique gameplay, based on their effects. The available Rogue Specializations are:

  • Combo Points, unlocked at level 15(after completing the “True Potential” quest)
  • Inner Sight, unlocked at level 20
  • Preparation, unlocked at level 30
rogue specializations
Rogue Specializations

Combo Points is an interesting specialization that generates points(up to 3) when you attack with your Basic Skills. Your Core skills can consume these points to deal more damage and gain additional effects! This is basically a Combo system that buffs your Core skills and helps you deal more damage. The effects for every Rogue Core skill are:

  • Barrage: more damage and arrows fired
  • Flurry: More damage and Attack Speed Bonus
  • Penetrating Shot: More damage and Lucky Hit Chance
  • Rapid Fire: More damage and arrows fired
  • Twisting Blades: More damage and a Movement Speed Bonus

When you have picked Combo Points as your specialization you can see 3 marks above your skill bar that indicate the points you have generated!

Combo Points

Inner Sight marks a random enemy. When you hit that enemy, you fill up your Inner Sight Gauge. When it is full, you gain unlimited Energy for 4 seconds. A powerful effect that can help with resource management if you can hit the marked enemies reliably. The Inner Sight gauge appears right next to your Energy pool.

Full Inner Sight Gauge

Finally Preparation is another strong effect for Builds that use Ultimate skills. With this Specialization active, for every 100 Energy you spend, you reduce the cooldown of your Ultimate by 5 seconds. Using an Ultimate skill resets the cooldown of your other skills. When used strategically, this Specialization can help you deal massive burst damage against tough enemies.

How to Unlock Rogue Specialization in Diablo 4

To unlock the Rogue Specialization System in Diablo 4, you must first complete the “True Potential” priority Quest. When you reach level 15 you will receive this priority quest. Visit Menestad(North West of Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks zone) and talk to Leyrana to begin the quest. By following his instructions you will eventually enter the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon nearby. Enter the Dungeon in order to find Bakira. You do not have to complete the Dungeon, only to find Bakira and interact with her. Completing it will reward you with the Aspect of Encircling Blades however, so you might want to do that if you have not unlocked this Codex of Power Aspect yet!

When you complete the task given to you by Leyrana, talk to him again to complete the quest and unlock your Specializations. At this point you can only pick the Combo Points specialization. Reach level 20 and level 30 to unlock Inner Sight and Preparation respectively. You can start using those specializations the moment you reach the appropriate levels. There is no other Quest to complete.

diablo 4 rogue specialization
True Potential Quest Locations

You can now pick one of the 3 available Specializations to complement and enhance your Rogue Builds!

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