fields of hatred
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Fields of Hatred

Fields of Hatred is the PVP zone of Diablo 4! While in this area other players can attack you and you can attack them. The zone combines PVE and PVP and rewards you with the Red Dust Currency! Enemies in the zone(NPC and Players) drop Seeds of Hatred that you can transform into Red Dust by performing a short ritual. Red Dust is the currency used in the Fields of Hatred vendors in order to buy various cosmetic and utility items. If you enjoy PVP, then the Fields of Hatred is going to be an important part of your Daily Routine along with Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides!

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Where to Find the Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4

In total there are two Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4! You can find them both on the Western part of the map. One in the Dry Steppes zone and one in Kehjistan. They appear red on the map.

fields of hatred map location
Fields of Hatred Location

When you enter these areas a couple effects will affect your character. The first effect will boost your Damage over Time, Control Impaired Duration Reduction, Potion Drop Rate and reduce your Potion Healing, increase the cooldown of your Potion and reduce your Minion/Companion Health. The Second effect triggers when you kill another player and causes them to drop their Seeds of Hatred, Heals you for a % of your Missing Life and Reduces your Cooldowns by 10 seconds.

Before you can attack other players you have to be Bloodmarked! You can use the Mark for Blood option in the Action Wheel. To remove the Bloodmarked effect from your character, interact with the Altar of Cleansing in the vendor area of the Fields(safe area)! You can roam around the area and collect Seeds of Hatred even if you are not Bloodmarked however.

How to Get Red Dust in Diablo 4

Enjoying PVP in Diablo 4 is the number one reason to enter the Fields of Hatred. But you can also earn the area’s special currency, Red Dust! Red Dust does not drop directly from enemies in the area though. You need to collect first Seeds of Hatred, then purify those Seeds in order to earn Red Dust!

Seeds of Hatred

You can earn Seeds of Hatred from a variety of sources inside these areas:

  • Enemy NPC
  • Other Players
  • Event Chests
  • Seething Abomination Boss
  • Baleful Chests(must be Bloodmarked)

The Seeds you collect are temporary and will disappear if you leave the area or will drop if you die! To turn them into Red Dust and add this currency permanently to your character, you will have to perform a short Ritual of Purification first! Around the Fields of Hatred you can find Altars of Extraction that serve this purpose.

Altar of Extraction

Interact with the Altar to start the purification ritual. The Ritual takes 50 seconds to finish while monsters spawn around you and attack you. At the end of the time your Seeds of Hatred will turn into Red Dust. They belong to you now and you cannot lose them if you die. When you start the ritual though, a message will be shown on the map, informing other players in the area that you are purifying your Seeds! Players looking for PVP might attempt to attack you and steal your Seeds of Hatred, so keep your guards up!

fields of hatred
Ritual in Progress warning

Once you have collected enough Red Dust, you can return to the safe zone of the area and spend it to special vendors!

Where to Spend Red Dust in Diablo 4

There are special vendors in the Fields of Hatred that will sell you unique items for Red Dust! These vendors are:

  • Cursed Scroll Vendor
  • Odds and Ends Vendor
  • Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor
  • Unsavory Oddities Vendor

The Cursed Scroll Vendor offers you different Scrolls that provide you with unique effects(a buff and a debuff at the same time). The Scrolls can teleport you to a random location in the Fields, reduce your damage taken from players but increase your damage taken from NPC, boost your speed at the cost of some of your Life. You can only use these Scrolls in the Fields of Hatred area.

Cursed Scroll

The Odds and Ends Vendor offers a unique look for your character. You can collect pieces of the offered costume and use it to customize your character at the Wardrobe!

fields of hatred
Odds and Ends Vendor

The Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor offers Armor and Trophies for your Mount, as well as a unique Mount you can unlock! Reins of the Bloody Steed is the mount you can unlock in this PVP area and its cost is at 100,000 Red Dust!

Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor

Finally the Unsavory Oddities Vendor is like the Purveyor of Curiosities Vendor. You can buy a random piece of gear at the cost of 3,000 Red Dust and gamble for a good drop!

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