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Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4 are harder versions of the already existing Dungeons in the game! Running this type of Dungeons is considered an endgame activity and will become an important part of your Diablo 4 Daily Routine once you complete the Campaign and unlock World Tiers III and IV! Before you can access a Nightmare Dungeon you must first find or craft the appropriate Nightmare Sigil!

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How to Unlock Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4

In order to unlock the Nightmare version of a Dungeon you need first to have the appropriate sigil! There are a few ways you can do that.

  • Get sigils as rewards from Tree of Whispers
  • Craft Sigils at the Occultist
  • Find Sigils while running Nightmare Dungeons

When you complete the Campaign you will gain access to the Tree of Whispers, bounty-like system. By completing its Whispers of the Dead quests and collecting Grim Favors around Sanctuary, you can get various rewards collections. Among these collections it is also possible to get Nightmare Sigils.

nightmare dungeons
Tree of Whispers Rewards

The Occultist offers you the option to Salvage but also craft Sigils! To unlock these two options though you will have to complete first a Tier 3 Nightmare Dungeon. The first sigils you get from the Tree of Whispers will give you access to Tier 1 Dungeons. By completing a Tier 1 Dungeon you can get a Tier 2 sigil and by completing a Tier 2 Dungeon you can get a Tier 3 sigil. So there is some grinding required before you can get the Priority Quest for the two additional Occultist functions.

Once you unlock Crafting and Salvaging Sigils on the Occultist though, you can salvage unwanted Sigils to earn Sigil Powder and then use it to craft higher Tier Sigils that will unlock higher Tier Nightmare Dungeons for you.

Once you have a Nightmare Sigil in your Consumables Tab you can use it to transform the appropriate Dungeon into a Nightmare Dungeon! Nightmare Dungeons have a different icon on the map and of course increased difficulty.

Nightmare Dungeon on Map

Sigils add certain affixes to a Dungeon that alter the behavior of monsters inside or even add powerful effects in the environment. These affixes make Dungeons harder and more challenging. Their Rewards though are much better than normal Dungeons so it is worth running them!

Dungeon Affixes

Nightmare Dungeon Rewards in Diablo 4

Nightmare Dungeons offer better rewards than normal Dungeons. More XP from enemies make them a good endgame activity to increase your level. They also offer better loot with higher chances to drop legendary or unique items! Their best reward though is the option to level up your Glyphs! When you complete Nightmare Dungeons you earn additional Glyph XP that you can use to level up your Glyphs. Higher Tier Dungeons offer more XP. By leveling your Glyphs you can boost their potency and radius in the Paragon Boards. Leveling Glyphs is one of the most important reasons to complete Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4!

nightmare dungeons
Upgrading Glyphs

Nightmare Dungeons Tiers in Diablo 4

Dungeons are divided in Tiers based on your World Tier Difficulty.

  • World Tier III(Nightmare) offers (Sacred)Tier 1-20 Dungeons
  • World Tier IV(Torment) offers (Ancestral)Tier 21-100 Dungeons

The higher the Tier of a Dungeon, the higher its difficulty but also better its rewards and the Glyph XP you can earn!

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