Blackwood Skyshards Location

The Blackwood Chapter adds eighteen new Skyshards in the Elder Scrolls Online, that will reward you with six new Skill Points. The Skyshards can be found around the zone of Blackwood. Some Overworld while other inside the zone’s Delves and Public Dungeons.

Blackwood has in total six new Delves and two new Public Dungeons. You can find a Skyshard in every single one of them. By collecting them all you can also complete the Blackwood Skyshard Hunter Achievement.

blackwood skyshards location

Blackwood Skyshards Location

Collecting Skyshards around Blackwood rewards you with new skill points but also the appropriate achievement. You can find six Skyshards inside Delves, two inside Public Dungeons and ten around the zone Overworld. These are the new Skyshards in the Blackwood zone and where you can find them.

blackwood skyshards location

1. In the Ruins of a Fort along the Coast. Found in a ruined Fort, Southeast of the city of Leyawiin.

2. Outside the Marshy Walls of a Fort overrun with enemies. West of the Rockgrove Trial entrance, at the southernmost part of the map.

3. Behind the statue of a warrior. South of the Borderwatch Wayshrine, located Northwest of Leyawiin.

4. On an island in the sea. On the island Northeast of the Fort Redmane.

5. Where the floating roads sink beneath the water. On a tiny island, East of Hutan-Tzel.

6. Southeast of where the forgotten tower sits. At the North part of the map, East of Welke.

7. Hidden where spectres guard a dead fortress. In the ruins North of Gideon.

8. In a place where a misstep leads to a long fall. On a rock, right before the Vunalk Delve.

9. Where the rocks pile high and the trees stand tall. Northwest of the Stonewastes Wayshrine.

10. By the island where the haj mota prowls. On the island West of Gideon.

11. In a hidden corridor by the blooming red blossoms. Inside the Silent Halls Public Dungeon in the Hist Overlook room. The Dungeon can be found South of Gideon.

12. On a platform above where the dead and living walk. Inside the Zenithar’s Abbey Public Dungeon.

13. Nestled in the moss where the behemoth stalks. Inside the Xi-Tsei Delve right after the Delve boss area.

blackwood skyshards location

14. High above where the Goblin scheme. Inside the Undertow Cavern Delve, found North of Leyawiin.

blackwood skyshards location

15. Watched over by flaming skulls. Inside the Doomvault Porcixid Delve second room.

16. Where spiders creep and birds speak. Inside the Arpenia Delve.

blackwood skyshards location

17. In a cave by the false night’s sky. Inside the Bloodrun Cave Delve, found at the Northeastern part of the map.

blackwood skyshards location

18. In a rocky alcove guarded by a vicious wamasu. Inside the Vunalk Delve.

Happy Skyshard hunting and enjoy your new Skill Points!

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