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ESO Lost in the Wilds Achievement Guide | Blackwood Free Pet

ESO Lost in the Wilds Achievement

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Lost in the Wilds is one of the available achievements in the Blackwood Chapter. An exploration achievement that will reward you with a free Pet! A Bog Dog! To complete the achievement, you must first find and accept the related quest in the zone of Blackwood.

The quest is pretty straightforward and consists of two parts. The first part asks you to fight three strong enemies while the second will send you inside an Oblivion Portal. Oblivion Portals are Dolmen-like, World Events, that appear randomly in the Blackwood zone.

Achievement Details

To complete the achievement and get the Pet, you must first find the appropriate quest! The Quest can be found East of Leyawiin, close to the Blackwood Crossroads Wayshrine(Point A on the map). In an abandoned camp you will find a note( I Need Your Help!) that will ask you to find and defeat three strong enemies.

eso lost in the wilds

The three enemies can be found around the zone. The note will guide you to the right direction. These three enemies are:

  • Fjaldar the Vicious
  • Vasha the Wicked
  • Binghim the Quick

You can find Fjaldar the Vicious(Point B) in the hills, West of Leyawiin. Vasha the Wicked(Point C) is located in the swamp, North of Gideon. Finally Binghim the Quick(Point D) can be found in the bogs, East of Stonewastes, close to the Withered Root Crafting Stations.

Once you defeat all three, return to the Camp where you will find a second note. This second note will ask you to enter an Oblivion Portal in order to find the writer and its Pet.

Oblivion Portals are World Events that appear randomly throughout the entire zone of Blackwood. Interacting with one will transport you to the Deadlands. While inside the Deadlands, head to the area of the Final Boss.

Defeat enemies nearby and interact with the note next to Toomon’s body but also with the Pet. That completes the Quest and Achievement and adds the Pet to your collection. You can now summon your new Bog Dog Non-Combat Pet whenever you want!

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