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Briarheart Dagger Quest

This Briarheart Dagger Quest Guide will show you how to get the Materre’s Bodkin named Dagger in ESO! A unique weapon, part of the Briarheart Medium Armor Set. To obtain the dagger you will have to complete the short “Where Loyalty Lies” Quest in the zone of Wrothgar! The Orsinium DLC is required to access the zone. In the same zone you can also complete Orzorga’s Quests and earn the Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch Recipe!

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How to Get Materre’s Bodkin – Briarheart Dagger Quest

In order to get the Materre’s Bodkin Briarheart Dagger, you must first complete the “Where Loyalty Lies” Quest! Find Lord Ethian in Frozen Fleet point of interest, North of the Icy Shore Wayshrine to begin the quest! On the map below you can see the Briarheart Dagger Quest location in Wrothgar!

briarheart dagger quest
Frozen Fleet Point of Interest

This is a short and linear quest that will send you around the area to complete certain objectives! All objectives are marked on the map, so it is easy to follow them.

How to Get Briarheart Dagger

Time needed: 20 minutes

All steps to complete the “Where the Loyalty Lies” Quest and earn the Briarheart Dagger!

  1. Find Lord Ethian

    Head to the Frozen Fleet point of interest North of Icy Shore Wayshrine and accept his quest!

  2. Find Holbert

    Head to the marked location, enter the shipwreck and talk to Holbert.

  3. Find Skordo the Knife

    Head to the next shipwreck and help Skordo the Knifebriarheart dagger quest

  4. Meet with Lord Ethian

    Talk to Lord Ethian and head together to the signal tower. Defeat the mage.

  5. Rescue Lady Sovelle

    Enter the Smuggler’s Cave and rescue Lady Sovelle. Talk to her again outside to complete the quest and receive the Materre’s Bodkin Dagger.briarheart dagger quest

How to Make Gold with Briarheart Dagger

You can now use the Dagger yourself or upgrade it and sell it for profit! Since you can complete this quest with every one of your characters and at any level, make sure you do not start it before you hit c160, which is the gear cap in ESO! You can now farm the dagger and sell it easier.

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