grappling bow pathfinder

Grappling Bow Pathfinder Achievement

The Grappling Bow Pathfinder Achievement is an exploration achievement in the zone of Southern Elsweyr, very similar to the Vine-Tongue Traveler achievement from Murkmire! The goal of this achievement is to discover a secret path in the zone that you can traverse only with the help of the Grappling Bow special tool. The description of the achievement offers zero clues of the path’s whereabouts, so you will have to explore around the area to find it. Upon successful completion, you will also receive the title of Master Grappler!

grappling bow pathfinder

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How to get the Grappling Bow

Before you can start and complete the achievement, you will have to gain access to the Grappling Bow tool. The Grappling Bow is tied to the main Quest line of the zone, so you will have to advance it first. During the third quest of the line, “Uneasy Alliances“, you will visit the Moonlit Cove Delve in the area. While trying to complete the quest task inside this Delve, you will receive the Grappling Bow. You are now ready to complete the achievement.

grappling bow pathfinder
Southern Elsweyr zone

How to Get The Grappling Bow Pathfinder Achievement in ESO

The starting location of the secret path is North of the Khenarthi’s Arch point of interest, in the middle of Southern Elsweyr’s map. From the Black Heights Wayshrine head Southeast towards the Khenarthi’s Arch point of interest. Once you have passed the second bridge, turn right, pass the big tree and continue up the ledge. Pass the two Terror Birds and continue left to the edge of the cliff, where you will see the first Grappling point. You can now use your synergy button to activate the Grappling Bow and start the secret route.

Secret Path & Completion – Grappling Bow Pathfinder Achievement

In total there are seven grappling points you have to locate. Just keep following the path, climbing the mountain in a spiral. To reach a few of the points and activate the bow, you will have to jump first. If you fail to activate the synergy in time, you will probably die from the fall damage. Some caution is required to complete the route but in general it is a very easy achievement.

Once you reach the Khenarthi’s Arch structure, interact with the Grapple Tower Brazier to complete the Achievement and earn the Master Grappler title!

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