How to Get Red Eagle, King of The Reach Patron Deck in ESO

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How to Get Red Eagle Patron Deck

Red Eagle, King of the Reach, is one of the extra Patron Decks you can unlock in The Elder Scrolls Online! By unlocking this Deck you can add Red Eagle as a Patron and use his Cards in your Tales of Tribute matches. In order to get Red Eagle, you must unlock four achievement. To achieve this, you have to complete four Tales of Tributes Quests. The Quests will become available to you gradually when you advance your rank in the card game. The four achievements are:

  • The Roister’s Roost, Complete the Tales of Tribute Quest: A New Venture
  • Novice No More, Complete the Tales of Tribute Quest: The Tournament Begins
  • A Friend Indeed, Complete the Tales of Tribute Quest: Challenges of the Past
  • The Tribute Champion, Complete the Tales of Tribute Quest: The Final Round
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Tales of Tribute Quests – How to Get Red Eagle Patron Deck

To begin the quests first head to Gonfalon Bay, High Isle and talk to Brahgas. You can find him outside the Gonfalon Bay Gaming Hall.

Start and complete the tutorial to gain access to the Tales of Tribute Card Game! Follow the instructions and talk to Master Razhamad to receive the first Quest “A New Venture“. After you complete this quest, you will have to advance your rank to unlock the other three. Quests unlock every two levels at Ranks 3, 5 and 7. The only way to receive them is by playing Tales of Tribute and gaining new ranks.

There are a few different ways you can enjoy the card game! Challenge NPC and Players around Tamriel or Queue for a Ranked or Unranked match through the Group and Activity Finder. There are also Daily Quests you can accept for Tales of Tribute that will help you advance faster! Talk to Kishka and Marunji inside the Gaming Hall to get two Daily Quests for Tales of Tribute every day! Once you reach Rank 7 and complete the “The Final Round” Quest, you will unlock Red Eagle as Patron and you will be able to use his cards in your Tales of Tribute matches!

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