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Autumn MacMillan Companion Starfield

Autumn MacMillan is one of the several NPC you can unlock as Companion in Starfield! You will first meet Autumn while completing a Faction quest for the Freestar Rangers. When you finish the entire chain of missions for the Rangers, you will be able to add her to your Crew! Autumn offers a few nice skills, that can can make her an asset for combat but can also help in more peaceful activities.

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How to Get Autumn MacMillan as a Companion in Starfield

You will first meet Autumn during the Freestar Rangers mission “On the Run“. Travel to the Red Mile settlement in Porrima III, in the Porrima system, where she is stationed as a Ranger herself. When you arrive, find Autumn sitting at the Bar and talk to her. During the mission you will have to chat with her a few times but you cannot ask her to join your crew yet. Only after completing the entire chain of missions for the Freestar Rangers and becoming a Ranger yourself, you will be able to unlock her as a companion.

When you are done with the Freestar Rangers missions, travel back to the Red Mile in Porrima system and talk to Autumn. You can now ask her to join your crew. Autumn will accept for free and you will be able to assign her to your Ship or one of your Outposts! Completing the Freestar Rangers missions will also reward you with a great free ship, the Star Eagle!

Red Mile, Porrima III

Autumn MacMillan Companion Skills in Starfield

Autumn has a few nice skills that can assist you in combat. These are:

  • Pistol Certification – 2
  • Sharpshooting – 1
  • Botany – 1

Pistol Certification and Sharpshooting can offer valuable assistance when fighting enemies and complement well a Pistol focused Build! Botany is not very useful for combat but can assist you while exploring alien planets!

autumn macmillan companion starfield
Companion Skills

Best Builds for Autumn MacMillan Companion in Starfield

Autumn offers a couple helpful skills for combat. These can assist you when fighting hostiles and in general complement your combat focused build. Her Botany skill can be useful when exploring new planets! Some Builds you can use with Autumn are:

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