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Betty Howser Companion Starfield

Betty Howser is one of the many NPC you can hire as a companion in Starfield! You can find Betty randomly while exploring in the game. Betty is a Bounty Hunter and in order to hire her you will need a Ship Part only.

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How to Get Betty Howser as a Companion in Starfield

You can find Betty randomly while exploring the Heinlein System in Starfield. When you jump in the system, open the map and you will see a ship encounter, which is titled as “Distress Call“, near the Heinlein I planet. Travel to the point of interest and board the Lucky Lu ship in the area. Inside you will find Betty with a few dead pirates around her! Betty will ask if you know someone that is hiring crew with her skills. You can now offer to hire her as a Companion and add her to your crew. Betty will accept but only if you give her one Ship Part, so she can fix her Ship. After she accepts you can assign her to your Ship or one of your Outposts!

Heinlein System

Betty Howser Companion Skills in Starfield

Betty is a combat oriented Companion, that can assist in Ground and Space combat. Her skills are:

  • Demolitions – 3
  • Missile Weapon Systems – 1
betty howser companion starfield
Companion Skills

Best Builds for Betty Howser in Starfield

Betty’s Skills make her a good option for combat oriented Builds! She can assist in both ground and space combat, thanks to her demolitions and missile skills. Some Builds you can use along with Betty as a Companion are: