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Starfield Character Creation

Character Creation in Starfield is a deep process that allows you to determine the appearance of your character along with other aspects! Customizing your character has always been an important first step in every Bethesda game but Starfield is taking the whole process to the next level! Character Creation in Starfield offers several options to adjust the physical appearance of your character, as well as more options to determine their personality and how they react in specific situations via the selection of Background and Traits! Creating your Character is a robust feature with many available details to choose from.

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Character Creation Options in Starfield

The Character Creation offers several options to create the Character of your dreams. From Body and Face details to the selection of Background and game influencing Traits! In general there are five Tabs in the Character Creation screen:

  • Biometric ID
  • Body
  • Face
  • Background
  • Traits

The Creation process begins with the way your character looks but quickly expands to their history and special abilities they might have evolved during their adventures. These extra Customization options can affect your gameplay experience early in the game. So picking the right Background and Traits might give you an edge in specific situations and help you progress faster.

starfield character creation
Character Creation Options

Biometric ID

Biometric ID lets you pick a preset character from around Forty(40) available. You can choose to play with the preset as it is or customize further by adjusting Body and Face options.


The Body Tab allows you to customize the Body of your character. You can pick a male of female body type and adjust it the way you like. You can choose to make it more Muscular, Thin or Heavier. In this Tab you can also pick the skin tone of your character, as well as their Walk Style!


The Face Tab lets you adjust every little detail on the face of your character. From eyes shape and color to your Hair style and other details like nose, ears and dermaesthetic! Face customization offers several options to experiment with your character and create something unique!


When you finish customizing the appearance of your Character you get to choose a Background for them! Backgrounds are rather important for Starfield, at least in the early levels. This is because they provide your Character with a history and a set of three Starting Skills! These Novice Skills will help you pursue a specific path early in the game. Picking the right Background, that will enable the play-style you are after, can make or break your Starfield experience!

Explorer Background

For example the Explorer Background grants you access to exploration-oriented skills that will come handy if you wish to explore alien worlds in the game. Additionally, Backgrounds also give you extra dialogue options when certain criteria are met. So by having the right Background you might be able to resolve a hostile encounter peacefully or simply progress a story line faster.

Backgrounds are rather important when you create your character and picking the right one for your character can help you significantly. To find more about Backgrounds you can read my Starfield Backgrounds Guide!


Another option that can determine the behavior of your character and they react in specific situations. Traits are optional and you can pick up to three. They provide the character with an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time! For example the Introvert Trait gives you more Endurance when traveling alone but reduces your Endurance when you travel with other Human Companions!

Introvert Trait

Some Traits are opposite to each other so you cannot choose them both. Introvert is the opposite of Extrovert, so you can pick only one of those. Cannot have both. It is possible later in the game to find a way to remove the negative aspect of a Trait, via a Quest you can do or some other way.

Traits, like Backgrounds are also important for the Creation of your Character and can help you achieve your goals in the game faster. To find more about Traits you can read my Starfield Traits Guide!

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