How to Get the Dagger Ship in Starfield

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Starfield Dagger Ship

The Dagger is an A Class Ship in Starfield that you can get for free! The Ship has a chance to appear when browsing ships to buy from vendors but you can also get it for free from raiding an Ecliptic Base in the Jaffa System!

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How to Get the Dagger Ship in Starfield

You can get the Dagger Ship for free in Starfield by raiding the Vulture’s Roost Ecliptic Base in the Jaffa IV planet, in Jaffa System. You can travel directly to the location or wait to get an activity for the Vulture’s Roost. Once you arrive there fight your way through Ecliptic Mercenaries to reach the landing pad area of the facility. While you are fighting enemies in the base, the Dagger Ship will land and more mercenaries will join the fight. Kill all hostiles outside and inside the ship to claim it.

You can now fly away with the Dagger, register it and even make it your homeship. In Vulture’s Roost there are also plenty of contraband items that you can loot and later sell for profit. Do not forget to search around and unlock every room and safe for possible loot!

Vulture’s Roost in Jaffa IV

Dagger Ships Stats in Starfield

The Dagger is a small A Class ship with limited capabilities. A nice free ship you can get early in the game that you will have to upgrade later. Dagger’s stats are:

  • Reactor: 16
  • Jump: 20 LY
  • Shield: 340
  • Hull: 393
  • Cargo: 200
  • Crew: 2

Its cargo capacity is limited which makes it a better ship to fly around and fight hostiles, rather than carrying items and resources. Its weaponry consists of Laser, Ballistic Weapons and missiles. An agile little ship with decent offensive power that can help you fly around and defend yourself!

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