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Starfield Dani Garcia Companion

How to Unlock Dani Garcia as a Companion in Starfield! Dani Garcia is one of the named Companions you can hire in Starfield. Dani is a flexible Companion that comes with a variety of skills.

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How to Get Dani Garcia as a Companion in Starfield

To unlock Dani Garcia as a Companion you will have to hire him! Dani is sitting inside the Euphorika bar, located in the Ebbside part of Neon. He is waiting for someone to offer him a Crew job! You can hire directly Dani for 18,000 Credits or you can try to persuade him to reduce his payment.

When you hire him, he will join your crew and you can assign him to your Ship or one of your Outposts. You can also bring him along with you in your exploration trips. Dani is a flexible Companion with a wide array of skills.

dani garcia companion starfield
Companion Skills

Dani Garcia Companion Skills in Starfield

Dani Garcia has three available skills that can assist in different fields. His Skills are:

  • Robotics – 2
  • Chemistry – 1
  • Energy Weapon Systems – 1

His skills can offer some assistance inside your Starship or one of your Outposts but they are not as advanced as the skills of other Companions.

Best Builds for Dani Companion in Starfield

Despite not having very advanced or important skills for combat roles, Dani can be helpful in a Starship or an Outpost assignment. Some Builds that can use Dani are:

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