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Jessamine Griffin Companion Starfield

Jessamine Griffin is one of the Crimson Fleet Pirates that you can hire as a Companion in Starfield! To unlock Jessamine as a Companion you will have to join the Crimson Fleet first. You can find Jessamine in The Key Space Station.

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How to Get Jessamine Griffin as a Companion in Starfield

You can find Jessamine in The Key Space station, in Kryx System. The Key is the base of operations for the Crimson Fleet Pirate faction in Starfield, so the easiest way to access it, is by joining them. There are a couple fast ways you can join the Crimson Fleet:

  • Get caught stealing by the UC
  • Join the Vanguard and wait to receive the “Deep Cover” mission

In both cases UC will send you as an undercover agent to join the Crimson Fleet! Follow the mission’s instructions and eventually you will arrive at The Key space station, where you will get to meet Delgado, the leader of the pirates.

The Key Location

When inside the station, visit “The Last Nova” bar and talk to Jessamine. You can hire her for 18,000 Credits or try to persuade her for a discount. From this point on, Jessamine Griffin will join your crew and assist you in your adventures.

Jessamine Griffin Companion Skills in Starfield

Jessamine has a few interesting skills, that fit her Pirate background. These are:

  • Ballistic Weapon Systems – 2
  • Theft – 1
  • Concealment – 1

She can be helpful in ship assignments or as your partner in crime!

jessamine griffin companion starfield
Companion Skills

Best Builds for Jessamine Griffin in Starfield

Jessamine’s skills make her a good crew option for Ships. Her Ballistic Weapon Systems skill can give you an edge when fighting hostile vessels. Her Theft and Concealment skills will be helpful if you plan to move around undetected and steal a lot! Some Builds you can use with her are: