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Starfield Factions

Factions in Starfield are important for gameplay and advancing the story-line! They are divided in various categories based on their size and their political ambitions. Players can join the Main Factions of Starfield and advance in rank, like with every other Bethesda title. Every single one of them has something to offer to gameplay and enhance the lore of Starfield.

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What are the Main Factions in Starfield

There are five Main joinable Factions in the game. These are:

  • United Colonies
  • Constellation
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • Crimson Fleet

It is possible to join all main factions in the game and experience their story. By joining a faction players will also gain access to other perks, like Equipment, Companions, Starships and more! Joining a Faction will not block you from joining another competitive faction. Picking the appropriate Trait in Character Creation will also give you better rewards when joining a specific faction!

1. United Colonies in Starfield

The United Colonies is the biggest Faction in Starfield and its Capital is New Atlantis. The most powerful established military and political faction that works like a space republic. New Atlantis is a massive city with diversity in race, culture and ethnicity. After fighting a war with Freestar Collective for years the two Factions are now enjoying an uneasy peace! You can join two organizations in the United Colonies. The Vanguard and SysDef. The Vanguard offers a series of Faction Quests that will have you deal with the Terrormorph threat while SysDef will have you work as a secret agent inside Crimson Fleet pirates!

2. Constellation in Starfield

Constellation is mainly an exploration organization and the first Faction the player will join for the purposes of the main Campaign. The last group of Space Explorers, focusing on discovering the truth behind Alien Artifacts. Players will join them early in the game and can also unlock a few members of the Constellation as Companions! Constellation missions are the main missions of Starfield that will help you discover the truth about the universe but also unlock impressive Powers to use in the game!

starfield factions
Akila City

3. Freestar Collective in Starfield

A loose confederation of three distinct Star Systems and home to a variety of people. Freestar Collective is the Space Western Faction equivalent. They respect personal freedom and individuality. Their Capital is Akila City, a walled city that protects them from Alien Predators. After fighting a war with United Colonies for years the two Factions are now enjoying an uneasy peace! You can join the Freestar Rangers in the Collective by completing all appropriate Faction missions. By becoming one of the Rangers you will also earn a powerful Ship for free, the Star Eagle!

4. Ryujin Industries in Starfield

There are several Mega-corporations in Starfield, each with their own agenda and goals. Ryujin Industries is one of those Mega-corporations. They control mega-cities where they conduct their business and offer their products. You can join Ryujin Industries by applying for a job in the corporation. Their Faction Missions will turn you into a corporate spy!


5. Crimson Fleet in Starfield

The Pirate Faction of Starfield! A loose Alliance of individual Pirates who choose to operate together under the same banner. Players can join them and decide if they want to follow their rules or report their activities to other authorities. Their main goal is to attack and plunder spaceships for loot and parts to sell. Not very friendly with the United Colonies Faction! You can join them on your own or wait for SysDef to force you to play the secret agent! It is possible to betray SysDef and align fully with the Crimson Fleet’s agenda!

starfield factions
Crimson Fleet Base

Other Minor Factions in Starfield

These are the five Main Factions of Starfield but they are not the only available in the game. There are a few more, Minor Factions that players can encounter or even work for them. The Minor Factions we know so far are:

  • Ecliptic Mercenaries, a group of mercenaries that work as Bounty Hunters.
  • Englightened, a religious organization.
  • Great Serpent Worshipers, a religious organization.
  • House of Va’ruun, a cult of zealots.
  • Sanctum Universum, a religious organization.
  • Spacers, a group of Marauders.
  • The Red Mile, a faction of smugglers.
  • LIST, the League of Independent Settlers

Despite not all being joinable, these smaller factions add flavor to Starfield and make the experience a lot better!

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