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Starfield Companions

Companions are an important part of your Journey in Starfield and they will help you deal with enemies but also manage your Spaceship and Outposts! Companions will offer you their expertise and assist you in every aspect of the game. Each Companion comes with their own set of skills, as well as a unique story line to progress and the ability to develop romance with them! Companions have always been a part of Bethesda Games but in Starfield they are more important than ever!

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How Many Companions are there in Starfield

There are over twenty(20) named Companions that can join your crew! Five of them are members of Constellation and the most fleshed out Companions. But all named Companions have their own background, can accompany you in your Journey and offer you their unique skills. They can fulfill the role of a crew-member and assist you in your spaceship or running your Outposts. As you travel around with specific Companions, you bond with them and that may lead to romance.

Types of Companions in Starfield

There are a few different types of Companions you can unlock in Starfield. The Companion Categories are:

  • Constellation Companions
  • Optional Story Companions
  • Trait Companions
  • Hireable Companions
  • Generic Crew-Members

The number of skills they have, how advanced their skills are, the reaction to mission events and the ability to romance a Companion are what determine in which category a Companion belongs.

Constellation Companions in Starfield

Constellation Companions are the main and more fleshed out Companions of Starfield! You can unlock all five of them early in the game by simply following the main quest line. All except Vasco also offer the option to develop a romantic relationship. These companions have more skills than other and their skills are also more advanced. The Constellation Companions are:

Andreja Companion in Starfield

Andreja is a mysterious member of Constellation that you will meet as you complete missions for the group! A reliable companion with some impressive skills:

  • Stealth – 4
  • Particle Beams – 3
  • Energy Weapon Systems – 2
  • Theft – 1

Andreja looks like a great Companion to take along if you are into a more Stealthy and not so law-abiding play style. She can hold her ground in a fight and offer valuable assistance as a Ship crew member. To find more about Andreja and how to unlock her, you can read my Andreja Companion Guide!


Barrett Companion in Starfield

Barrett is an experienced Constellation member that can be an asset for your Spaceship crew, thanks to his Engineering Skill! His skills are:

  • Starship Engineering – 4
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 3
  • Robotics – 2
  • Gastronomy – 1

Definitely someone you want to have around in case your Starship breaks down! To find more about Barrett and how to unlock him, you can read my Barrett Companion Guide!

Sam Coe Companion in Starfield

Sam Coe is your typical “Space Cowboy” Companion that excels in shooting and flying ships! A potent Companion that seems to be a great option for combat! His skills are:

  • Piloting – 4
  • Rifle Certification – 3
  • Payloads – 2
  • Geology – 1

Sam seems to be your “guy” if you wish to blow up enemies or want someone reliable in your ship! To find more about Sam Coe and how to unlock him, you can read my Sam Coe Companion Guide!

starfield companions
Sam Coe

Sarah Morgan Companion in Starfield

Sarah Morgan is the head of Constellation and a former Soldier! Apparently an important character for the game’s main story line that will follow you around and assist you with her unique skills:

  • Astrodynamics – 4
  • Lasers – 3
  • Leadership – 2
  • Botany – 1

From her skills we can understand that Sarah is going to be an important member for your Spaceship, that will assist with traveling around and discovering points of interest! She will also be a good option to run one of your Outposts. To find more about Sarah Morgan and how to unlock her, you can read my Sarah Morgan Companion Guide!

starfield companions
Sarah Morgan

Vasco Companion in Starfield

Vasco is a Robotic Companion that can handle a variety of “jobs”! An expeditionary Robot, refurbished to meet the requirements of Constellation’s missions. Vasco will be your trusty partner in your journey if you prefer to avoid Human Companions.

An utilitarian, heavy industrial machine, capable of traversing rough terrain, along with all survival gear and payload capacity needed for extended overland journeys. A perfect field Companion that can carry your supplies but also assist you in combat thanks to its defensive capabilities. To find more about Vasco and how to unlock him, you can read my Vasco Companion Guide!


Optional Story Companions in Starfield

These are characters you have met during the game’s quest line and you can unlock as companions later. Several Characters you will meet in Starfield during your adventures with Constellation, will later become available as a Companion. They are not as important or developed as the five Constellation Companions but they can be helpful in a variety of situations. These Companions are:

Autumn MacMillan Companion in Starfield

You will first meet Autumn while completing missions for the Freestar Rangers but you can unlock her as a Companion only after you complete all Freestar Rangers Faction Missions and join their ranks! Her skills are:

  • Pistol Certification – 2
  • Botany – 1
  • Sharpshooting – 1

To find more about Autumn MacMillan and how to unlock her, you can read my Autumn MacMillan Companion Guide!

autumn macmillan companion starfield
Autumn MacMillan

Hadrian Sanon Companion in Starfield

Hadrian Sanon will assist you while trying to deal with the Terrormorph threat in the Vanguard Faction missions! When you complete all their missions you can unlock her as a Companion! Her skills are:

  • Pain Tolerance – 2
  • Energy Weapon Dissipation – 1
  • Xenosociology – 1

Heller Companion in Starfield

You can recruit Heller while completing missions for Constellation. Heller becomes available as a companion during the Back to Vectera main Mission. His Skills are:

  • Outpost Engineering – 3
  • Geology – 1

Thanks to his Outpost Engineering skill you can assign him to one of your Outposts for the best results. To find more about Heller and how to unlock him, you can read my Heller Companion Guide!

heller companion

Mathis Castillo Companion in Starfield

Before you can unlock the option to get Mathis as a Companion you need to first join the Crimson Fleet, then side with him during the “Legacy’s End” Mission. His skills are:

  • Incapacitation – 2
  • Ballistics – 1
  • Weight Lifting – 1

Moara Otero Companion in Starfield

You will first meet Moara during the “The Old Neighborhood” main mission. You will later have an opportunity to recruit him as companion. You can find him in Cydonia and his Skills are:

  • EM Weapon Systems – 2
  • Marksmanship – 1

To find more about Moara Otero and how to unlock him, you can read my Moara Otero Companion Guide!

moara otero companion starfield
Moara Otero

Rafael Aguerro Companion in Starfield

You will meet Rafael later in the main quest, during the “Entagled” mission. If you choose to side with him, you will be able to recruit him as a Companion. His Skills are:

  • Starship Engineering – 2
  • Outpost Engineering – 1
  • Outpost Management – 1

Supervisor Lin Companion in Starfield

Supervisor Lin is one of the named Companions you can recruit in Starfield. She becomes available as a companion during the Back to Vectera main Mission. Her Skills are:

  • Outpost Management – 3
  • Demolitions – 1

Supervisor Lin looks like a good companion to assign to one of your Outposts! To find more about Lin and how to unlock her, you can read my Supervisor Lin Companion Guide!

supervisor lin companion
Supervisor Lin

Trait Companions in Starfield

Trait Companions are Companions that you can unlock by picking a specific Trait when creating your Character! There is only one Companion in this category, the Adoring Fan! You can unlock him if you pick the “Hero Worshipped” Trait for your character.

Adoring Fan Companion in Starfield

The Adoring Fan is a crew-member you can unlock by picking the Hero Worshipped Trait in Character Creation! His skills are:

  • Weight Lifting – 2
  • Concealment – 1
  • Scavenging -1

As annoying as he may be, his skills indicate that he might be able to help you in the field by carrying your stuff or finding resources! To find more about the Adoring Fan and how to unlock him, you can read my Adoring Fan Companion Guide!

adoring fan companion starfield
Adoring Fan

Hireable Companions in Starfield

These are named Companions you can hire! They all have their own unique background and can assist you in combat or your other endeavors in the game, depending on their skills. You can find them chilling in bars around major cities in Starfield. The places you can visit to hire them are:

  • Broken Spear, Cydonia
  • The Viewport, New Atlantis
  • Aggie’s Bar, Akila City
  • The Hitching Post, Akila City
  • Astral Lounge, Neon
  • Euphorika, Ebbside in Neon
  • Madame Sauvage’s Place, Ebbside in Neon
  • Red Mile

By visiting these bars you can talk to them and hire them as your crew members. In the same bars you can find non-named crew members. These are generic crew members that offer a couple specific skills and will help you fill your Outposts. The Hireable Companions are:

Amelia Earheart Companion in Starfield

You can unlock Amelia Earheart as a Companion by completing the “Operation Starseed” mission. You can start the mission in the Charybdis system by answering to the distress call from Charybdis III. Her skills are:

  • Piloting – 2
  • Rifle Certification – 2

Andromeda Kepler Companion in Starfield

Andromeda Kepler is waiting in the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia. You can hire her for 12,000 Credits and her skills are:

  • Outpost Engineering – 2
  • Piloting – 1
  • Aneutronic Fusion – 1

To find more about Andromeda Kepler and how to unlock her, you can read my Andromeda Kepler Companion Guide!

andromeda kepler companion starfield
Andromeda Kepler

Dani Garcia Companion in Starfield

Dani Garcia is sitting inside the Euphorika Bar, in the Ebbside part of Neon. His Skills are:

  • Robotics – 2
  • Chemistry – 1
  • Energy Weapons Systems – 1

To find more about Dani Garcia and how to unlock him, you can read my Dani Garcia Companion Guide!

dani garcia companion starfield
Dani Garcia

Ezekiel Companion in Starfield

You can find Ezekiel in Akila City sitting in Aggie’s bar! He will join you as a Companion for free when you start a conversation with him. His skills are:

  • Energy Weapon Dissipation – 2
  • Scavenging – 1
  • Shield Systems – 1

To find more about Ezekiel and how to unlock him, you can read my Ezekiel Companion Guide!

ezekiel companion starfield

Gideon Aker Companion in Starfield

Gideon is waiting in The Viewport in New Atlantis. His skills are:

  • Ballistic Weapon Systems- 2
  • Missile Weapon Systems – 2

To find more about Gideon Aker and how to unlock him, you can read my Gideon Aker Companion Guide!

aker gideon companion starfield
Gideon Aker

Jessamine Griffin Companion in Starfield

You can hire Jessamine Griffin as a Companion in “The Last Nova” Bar in the Kryx system. Joining the Crimson Fleet will make it easier to get there! Her Skills are:

  • Ballistic Weapon Systems – 3
  • Theft – 1
  • Concealment – 1

Lyle Brewer Companion in Starfield

You can find Lyle Brewer in Aggie’s bar in Akila City as well! He is a talented Companion with good combat skills that can assist you. His skills are:

  • Shotgun Certification – 2
  • Particle Beams – 1
  • Xenosociology – 1

To find more about Lyle Brewer and how to unlock him, you can read my Lyle Brewer Companion Guide!

lyle brewer companion starfield
Lyle Brewer

Marika Boros Companion in Starfield

Marika Boros seems to be a good combat companion that can also fulfill roles in Starships. Her Skills are:

  • Ballistics – 2
  • Shotgun Certification – 1
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 1

To find more about Marika Boros and how to unlock her, you can read my Marika Boros Companion Guide!

marika boros companion starfield
Marika Boros

Mickey Caviar Companion in Starfield

You can hire Mickey Caviar as a companion for 15,000 Credits. He is waiting in the Astral Lounge on Neon. His Skills are:

  • Wellness – 2
  • Gastronomy – 1
  • Incapacitation -1

To find more about Mickey Caviar and how to unlock him, you can read my Mickey Caviar Companion Guide!

mickey caviar companion starfield
Mickey Caviar

Omari Hassan Companion in Starfield

Omari is located in The Hitching Post in Akila City and to unlock him as a Companion you will have to hire him! His skills are:

  • Shield Systems – 3
  • Starship Engineering – 1

To find more about Omari Hassan and how to unlock him, you can read my Omari Hassan Companion Guide!

omari hassan companion starfield
Omari Hassan

Rosie Tannehill Companion in Starfield

Rosie is waiting in The Hitching Post in Akila City and to unlock her as a companion you will have to hire her. Her Skills are:

  • Wellness – 3
  • Medicine – 1

To find more about Rosie Tannehill and how to unlock her, you can read my Rosie Tannehill Companion Guide!

rosie tannehill companion starfield
Rosie Tannehill

Simeon Bankowski Companion in Starfield

Simeon is waiting in The Viewport in New Atlantis. You can hire him for 13,500 Credits. His skills are:

  • Sniper Certification – 2
  • Sharpshooting – 1
  • Marksmanship – 1

To find more about Simeon Bankowski and how to unlock him, you can read my Simeon Bankowski Companion Guide!

simeon bankowski companion starfield
Simeon Bankowski

Sophia Grace Companion in Starfield

You can find Sophia Grace inside the Madame Sauvage’s Place bar, in the Ebbside part of Neon. You can hire her for 18,000 Credits and her Skills are:

  • Stealth – 2
  • Lasers – 1

To find more about Sophia Grace and how to unlock her, you can read my Sophia Grace Companion Guide!

sophia grace companion starfield
Sophia Grace

Other Crew-Members in Starfield

During your journey across the Starfield Universe you will encounter other NPC, that you can hire as crew! These are not as important as Companions but will help you run Outposts, Spaceships, gather resources and conduct research. They have less Skills than the main Companions but they can be an asset if you assign them to the right role! You can find them in the same bars with named Companions.

starfield companions
Crew Roster

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