How to Get Simeon Bankowski Companion in Starfield

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Simeon Bankowski Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Simeon Bankowski as a Companion in Starfield! Simeon Bankowski is one of the named Companions you can hire in Starfield. A combat focused Companion that can assist with fighting enemies from distance!

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How to Get Simeon Bankowski as a Companion in Starfield

To unlock Simeon Bankowski as a Companion you will have to hire him! Simeon is sitting inside The Viewport bar in New Atlantis, near the spaceport. He is waiting for someone to offer him a Crew job! Talk to him and you can hire him for 13,500 Credits.

When you hire him, he will join your crew and you can assign him to your Ship or one of your Outposts. You can also bring him along with you in your exploration trips. Simeon is a Sniper with great skills for fighting from distance!

simeon bankowski companion starfield
Companion Skills

Simeon Bankowski Companion Skills in Starfield

Simeon Bankowski has three available skills that he can use to assist you. These are:

  • Sniper Certification – 2
  • Sharpshooting – 1
  • Marksmanship – 1

Simeon is a great Companion to bring along if you prefer fighting from a distance. You can give him a Sniper Rifle and let him wreak havoc. He is a dedicated long range fighter so it might not be the best option for Close Quarters Combat Builds!

Best Builds for Simeon Companion in Starfield

Simeon Bankowski is a nice Companion that can assist you from distance thanks to his Sniper focused Skills. He is better to combine with long range, sniper Builds, that engage enemies from afar. Some of the Builds you can use with him are:

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