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Starfield Stealth Sniper Build

The Best Starfield Stealth Sniper Build, that is focusing on remaining undetected and dealing massive damage from range! The goal of the build is to approach the target area without being detected and kill all enemies from range. To achieve this we are focusing on skills that boost our stealth and damage with ranged weapons!

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Best Background for Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield

Backgrounds are basically starter classes in Starfield, that offer access to a set of three novice skills. Picking the right background for your build will help you become more efficient at your role early in the game. The Best Background for the Stealth Sniper Build is Cyber Runner!

cyber runner starfield
Cyber Runner Background

The Background gives access to the following skills:

  • Stealth
  • Security
  • Theft

A flexible background for Stealth Builds that allows you to invest skills in your favorite ranged or melee weapons later. Cyber Runner provides you with the right tools to create a powerful Stealth Build in Starfield. A nice alternative to Cyber Runner is the Ronin Background. Ronin offers access to melee weapons so it is a better background for Assassin Builds in Starfield. For a not so Stealthy Sniper Build, you can use the Soldier Background!

Best Traits for Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield

There are not any Traits that can provide a significant bonus to Stealth in Starfield! Since they are optional you can go ahead and play without any if you wish. If however you insist of having Traits for your character, then these are the best options:

  • Alien DNA
  • Introvert
  • Terra Firma or Spaced
  • Wanted
  • Faction and Religious

Alien DNA boosts Health and Oxygen but reduces the effectiveness of healing and food items. Introvert boosts Oxygen when adventuring alone. Terra Firma will boost your Health and Oxygen on the ground but reduce them in space while Spaced will do the opposite. Pick the appropriate one depending on where you plan to spend most of your time. Wanted offers a boost to damage when you are low on health, which means that you have to fail as a stealth character before it kicks in! Even like this, the boost might be valuable if you get caught and need the extra damage.

Finally you can pick any Faction specific or Religious specific Trait, if you wish to build up your relationship with one of their corresponding groups. You can only have one of those Social focused Traits in the game active. One for Factions and one for Religions.

Concealment Skill

Best Skills for Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield

Skills are the core of our Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield! Starfield Skills offer all kind of benefits and can make or break your Build. While we do get access to three Novice Skills with our Cyber Runner background, there are a few more we can take to make it truly efficient and powerful. The Core skills of the Build are

  • Stealth
  • Concealment
  • Isolation
  • Ballistics
  • Sniper Certification
  • Sharpshooting

These are all the skills you should take for a powerful Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield!

Physical Skills

Fitness increases Oxygen, which allows you to hold breath for longer when sniping. Stealth is an important starter skill that will allow you to move around undetected. Pain Tolerance and Cellular Regeneration will reduce damage and protect you from injuries. Concealment is a core skill of the build that boosts your ranged sneak attack damage!

Commerce Skill

Social Skills

We already have access to the Theft skill from the Cyber Runner background. Theft allows us to pickpocket NPC in order to earn credits and steal items and weapons. However Commerce is a much better skill for making credits in Starfield! With Commerce you can buy items cheap and sell them more expensive for a higher profit.

Isolation is a core skill of the Build that boosts Weapon Damage but also Damage Resistance when you are alone! This skill is also the main reason why we are not using a Companion with the Build.

Isolation Skill

Combat Skills

Important skills for your Stealth Sniper Build! Ballistics will boost the damage of all Ballistic based weapons, while Rifle Certification will allow us to use Rifles more efficiently. Marksmanship increases the critical hit chance of your non automatic ranged weapons. Sniper Certification and Sharpshooting will boost your damage and efficiency with Scoped Weapons and shooting from range! So they are both important for the Build.

Sharpshooting Skills

Science Skills

Medicine will boost the healing capabilities of Med packs and other aid items while Weapon Engineering will allow you to make better mods for your Weapons! Chemistry is important if you wish to create chems and boost further your character.

Tech Skills

Security allows you to hack locks and loot credits and items. Helpful skill to make credits or discover weapons and other items. You can unlock and use any other skill in the game to enrich the build and make it more personal to you!

Sniper Certification Skills

Best Weapon for Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield

Long range Ballistic Rifles are obviously the best for a Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield. Thanks to the Sniper Certification skill we can make good use of any Ballistic based scoped weapon, so there is a variety of weapons to choose from. Early in the game you can use any Ballistic Rifle you drop, like Grendel or Maelstrom. Add an Optic Weapon Mod to them to make them more appropriate for Sniping. Always upgrade them with better rifles you find like Drum Beat, Beowulf, AA-99, Magshear. When you find the Old Earth Hunting Rifle, you can use it as your main Sniper Weapon. Keep your other rifle as secondary weapon with a Short or Medium Scope Mod to deal with enemies that might get closer to you. Hard Target and Magsniper Rifle are the best weapons for the Stealth Sniper Build. They have great range and deal massive damage.

Hard Target Weapon Mods:

BarrelBull/Fluted Barrel
LaserRecon Laser Sight
OpticLong Scope
Grip and StockTactical grip
Magazine and BatteryPenetrator Rounds
InternalHigh Powered

Magsniper Weapon Mods:

BarrelLong Barrel
LaserRecon Laser Sight
OpticLong Scope
MuzzleMuzzle Break
Magazine and BatteryPenetrator Rounds
InternalHigh Powered

If you wish to learn more about Weapons, you can read my Starfield Weapons Guide!

Best Power for Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield

Powers are unique abilities you can unlock by advancing the main quest line and completing the “Into the Unknown” main mission. Powers offer unique effects to your character and can complement your Build. The Best Power for the Stealth Sniper Build is Sense Star Stuff! This power allows you to locate every Human, Alien or Starborn in an area and see where they are, even behind walls! A few more powers you can use are:

  • Phased Time
  • Void Form
  • Parallel Self
  • Reactive Shield

If you wish to learn more about Powers, you can read my Starfield Powers Guide!

Best Companion for Stealth Sniper Build in Starfield

Companions in Starfield come with their own unique skills that can assist your character and further complement your Build! Not all Companions are good for every role and type of gameplay. Picking the right Companion with the right skills will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. We are not using any Companion with the Build so we can take advantage of the Isolation Skill. However if you prefer to bring a Companion along, then the Best Companion for the Stealth Sniper Build is Andreja. Andreja can follow around with her Stealth Skill and assist in combat with Particle Beams! Other good Companions you can use with the Build are:

If you wish to learn more details about all available Companions, you can read my Starfield Companions Guide!

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