5 Best Ways to Make Credits in Starfield

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Make Credits in Starfield

The Best Ways to make Credits in Starfield! The Best Ways to earn Credits in Starfield fast and reliably. Credits is the main currency of the game and is quite important if you wish to progress efficiently. Making enough credits will help you afford better items, Weapons, Starships as well as crew members! With enough credits you can upgrade your ship, build better Outposts and hire Companions as Crew members.

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How to Make Credits in Starfield

Credits is the main currency of Starfield and very important for your success in the game! Knowing how to earn them will allow you to upgrade your items and ships faster and progress more efficiently in the game. There are various ways of making credits in the game. Both legal and illegal! These are the best ways you can make Credits in Starfield!

Take everything!

1. Loot everything

Loot every item, weapon and armor you find during your adventure. When you enter a building search every corner and take everything valuable with you. Defeating enemies and taking their items is the easiest and most natural way to make credits in the game. You can loot everything, then sell them to a vendor for profit. Excessive looting can create encumbrance issues, so it is advisable to have a Companion with you all the time. Like this you can transfer gear to them and carry more items back to the vendor. The more items you sell, the higher your profit will be!

Commerce Skill

2. Unlock Skills

Unlocking the right skills will help you make more credits from various activities in Starfield! Not all of these activities are legal, so you will have to be willing to steal, pickpocket others or hack their safes for credits and valuable items. These are the skills that can help you make Credits in Starfield:

  • Commerce(Social)
  • Scavenging(Social)
  • Weight Lifting(Physical)
  • Leadership(Social)
  • Theft(Social)
  • Security(Tech)
  • Payloads(Tech)

Most of the above skills belong to the Social Skill line, which is logical since you will have to interact with NPC to make Credits! Commerce will help you buy items cheap and sell them at a higher price for better profit! You can combine this skill with the looting activity to maximize your profits. Weight Lifting allows you to carry more items, Leadership makes Companions carry more items and Payloads increases the cargo capacity of your ships. The more items you can carry and sell, the higher your profit.

Scavenging helps you find credits and other items, so it is a useful skill to make credits overall. If you do not mind breaking the law, then there are also the Theft and Security skills. Theft allows you to pickpocket NPC while Security allows you to hack locks and steal their items! All of the above skills can assist you in your effort to make Credits, one way or another!


3. Build Outposts

You can also build Outposts in order to make Credits in Starfield! By creating Outposts and placing the appropriate modules to them, you can start producing items for your own use or to sell to NPC vendors. In order to become efficient in this activity you will have to unlock a couple skills first.

The Outpost Management skill allows you to maximize the efficiency of your Outposts, while the Outpost Engineering skill will allow you to build better modules with fewer resources.

4. Smuggling

Smuggling is another great way to make Credits, as long as you do not mind being a criminal in the game! An activity that allows you to carry around contraband items, like drugs, that have a high selling price and can help you make a fortune fast! The major drawback of smuggling is that authorities might attack or imprison you if they scan your ship and find them in your cargo! Unlocking and ranking up the Deception Skill from the Social skill line can help with enemy contraband scans though.

Lock Picking in Starfield

5. Steal Ships

Stealing Ships is another interesting way to make credits in Starfield! You can attack and board ships in space or enter them while they are landed on a planet. Kill their crew if they are in the ship or nearby and go to the closest port to register and sell them. While the profit from selling stolen ships is not that high after registering them, you can make good credits from loot inside the ships. Check the cargo and the captain’s lock for credits and valuable items!

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