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Starfield Mantis Spacesuit

The Mantis Spacesuit is a powerful armor you can get early in Starfield for free! A powerful armor early in the game that will keep you protected from most enemies you encounter. To get the Mantis Spacesuit you have to complete the “Mantis” Mission in Starfield. At the end of the mission you will also be able to claim the Razorleaf Ship for free!

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How to Get the Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield

In order to get the Mantis Spacesuit for free, you need to complete the Mantis mission. The only way to get the mission however is by reading the “Secret Outpost” note. You can get the note randomly by defeating Spacer enemies while exploring. The note will reveal the location of a secret base, where you can eventually claim the Ship and the Suit. You can find the “Lair of the Mantis” secret base on Denebola I-b moon in the Denebola system. The system is a few jumps away from Alpha Centauri but the travel is more than worth it because of the mission’s rewards!

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Lair of the Mantis

Lair of the Mantis Base in Starfield

The Lair is an underground facility full of enemies and traps. Enemies inside the Lair can be up to level 40, so they will provide a challenge if you are trying to complete the mission early in the game. Bringing a combat oriented Companion along will help a lot! Descent inside the Lair while killing enemies and looting everything valuable you find. Eventually you will find Livvey, a Spacer that will inform you of a deadly trap ahead. A puzzle basically that you need to solve before you can claim the rewards.

Claim the Mantis Spacesuit

How to Solve the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield

A deadly but rather easy puzzle to solve if you have been picking info for the lair. While fighting your way through the lair, loot Leon Voclain notes form dead bodies along the way. These play some sort of a diary that explains the story behind this location. They also reveal the solution to the Mantis Puzzle later. The word “Tyrannis” is the puzzle solution! Step on the letters to reach the other side of the puzzle room and avoid triggering the turrets. There is however another solution to this puzzle. You can step to the wrong letter, get cover and shoot the turrets one by one. Once you destroy all turrets you can get to the other side of the room and claim your rewards!

Claim the Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield

Once you pass the puzzle room, you will reach the heart of the Lair where the Mantis Spacesuit is waiting. Livvey will try to betray and kill you but will die instead from a trap. Kill the remaining robot enemies and head to the Crew Quarters area, where you will find a Mannequin with the Mantis Spacesuit, Helmet and Pack. Open the display and claim the Mantis Spacesuit. You can now wear one of the best Armor Sets in Starfield! Continue to the hangar room of the area to also claim the Razorleaf Ship for free!

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Mantis Stats

Mantis Spacesuit Stats in Starfield

The Mantis Spacesuit is a massive upgrade to your Armor, especially if you are visiting the area early in the game! With more than 100 Physical resistance and more than 80 Energy resistance, you can fight stronger enemies than before and boost your experience gains. The Suit also comes with traits that offer additional bonuses. Wear all three parts of the Mantis Set for the best results. The Mantis Spacesuit is one of the best Armors in the game that you can earn for free quite early!

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