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Best Stealth Backgrounds in Starfield

The Best Backgrounds for a Stealth and Criminal based Build in Starfield! Which Backgrounds will help you remain unseen in Starfield and make a living from criminal activities! Backgrounds are basically Starter Classes in Starfield. When you pick a Background for your character you also gain access to a set of three Starting Skills. These are Novice skills that will determine your play-style early in the game and help you pursue a specific path.

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What are the Best Stealth Backgrounds in Starfield

The Best Backgrounds for Stealth Builds in Starfield, that will help you make a living as a criminal! Stealth Backgrounds will allow you to remain unseen and steal or execute your targets. They are often great for Thief or Assassin like Builds. Below you can find dedicated Stealth Backgrounds but also Backgrounds that will fit a life in crime in general.

1. Cyber Runner

The most robust Stealth Background in Starfield. Cyber Runner unlocks the following skills:

  • Stealth
  • Security
  • Theft

A thief dedicated background that is focusing on stealth, hacking locks and pickpocketing. You can unlock weapon skills of your choice and turn this into a deadly Assassin Stealth Build in Starfield!

2. Ronin

Ronin is another solid option for a Stealth Build that is focusing more on assassination thanks to its weapon skill.

  • Dueling
  • Stealth
  • Scavenging

Ronin is the best Background if you wish to create an Assassin from the very start of the game!

3. Cyberneticist

Cyberneticist offers the ability to hack locks but also better heals and damage with its skills.

  • Medicine
  • Security
  • Lasers

4. Bouncer

A Brawler with the ability to hack locks. Not the stealthier Background but can help you make money by picking locks and looting the items inside!

  • Boxing
  • Security
  • Fitness

5. Gangster

Gangster is another brawler that can pickpocket NPC. If your pickpocketing attempts fail you can always punch them or blast them with your shotgun. The Gangster skills are:

  • Shotgun Certification
  • Boxing
  • Theft

6. Industrialist

Industrialist is a smooth criminal that can hack locks but also use persuasion if an attempt fails! Skills:

  • Persuasion
  • Security
  • Research Methods

While only the Cyber Runner and Ronin offer access to the Stealth skill immediately, all Backgrounds in the list can help you make a living as a criminal in Starfield. You can unlock the Stealth skill right after starting the game and create variations of Stealth Builds with different starter abilities as well. You can use the above backgrounds to make powerful Stealth based Builds like the Stealth Sniper Build and the Stealth Assassin Build!

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