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Starfield Weapon Mods

Weapon Mods are items you can add to your Weapons in Starfield in order to increase their combat effectiveness! Weapon mods can upgrade your weapons or even alter the way they work so they can suit your Build more! You can start creating them early in the game but more advanced mods require you to unlock specific skills.

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How Weapon Mods Work in Starfield

Weapon Mods are items that you can craft and add to your Weapons. In order to craft and add them you will have to interact with a Weapon Workbench. Every weapon has a number of Slots where you can add various Mods.

starfield weapon mods
Weapon Mods options

The Slots you can add a mod in weapons are:

  • Barrel
  • Laser
  • Optic
  • Muzzle
  • Grip and Stock
  • Magazine and Battery
  • Internal
  • Receiver
  • Skin

Mods allow you to increase the range of your weapon, add a laser to mark your enemies, put a scope for sniping, even using special ammo that can set enemies on fire. Depending on your needs you can add various mods and create a unique weapon for your character. To craft Weapon mods you need specific materials. These can be basic resources you collect while adventuring or synthetic items that you will have to craft.

Weapon Mods materials

You can track down the materials you miss, which makes it easier to collect them and craft the mod of your choice.

Weapon Mods Research in Starfield

You can create basic Weapon Mods early in the game. But to create more advanced Mods you need to research them first!

Weapon Mods Research

Interact with a Research Laboratory to research the available Weapon Mods! To continue researching the most advanced options you will need to unlock the appropriate skill first! Weapon Engineering from the Science Skill Line, is an important skill that you must unlock as soon as possible if you wish to craft and use superior Weapon Mods in Starfield. Research also requires specific materials.

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