How Crafting Works in Starfield

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Starfield Crafting

Crafting in Starfield allows you to create items but also improve your Armor and Weapons, increasing like this your capabilities! Crafting is limited in the game, since you cannot create new weapons or armor but is still an important aspect of gameplay that can make your character stronger. The activity of Crafting in Starfield is directly tied to Research and in order to create better items or mods you will have to advance specific skills.

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How Crafting Works in Starfield

In order to craft items in Starfield you need to interact with a “Workbench“. Depending on the item you wish to create, you should find and interact with the appropriate Workbench. At the beginning of the game you can create a few items from every crafting category, as long as you have the required resources with you. In order to create more advanced items you will have to research them at a Research Laboratory! To learn new recipes and be able to craft better items you will need additional resources. Researching also requires you to unlock specific Skills if you wish to learn more advanced recipes and eventually be able to craft them. To learn more about Research, you can read my Starfield Research Guide!

starfield research
Research Lab

Types of Crafting in Starfield

In total there are five different types of Crafting in Starfield! Each Crafting “profession” allows you to create different items that can help you in your journey. Each type also has a different Workbench you have to interact with in order to craft items. The available types of Crafting are:

  • Cooking(Cooking Station)
  • Industrial(Industrial Workbench)
  • Healing(Pharmaceutical Lab)
  • Spacesuit Mods(Spacesuit Workbench)
  • Weapon Mods(Weapon Workbench)

They are all important crafting professions that can help you become stronger and survive against harder enemies. You can find their Workbenches randomly in settlements or camps while exploring. Some ships also have a couple in them. All available Workbenches can be found in The Lodge as well, which makes it a perfect base for crafting. It is even possible to build them all in one of your Outposts and create a crafting base wherever you like.

starfield crafting
Spacesuit Workbench

Cooking in Starfield

With Cooking you can create food and drinks that heal you but also offer short buffs. These buffs can be anything, from decreasing your Oxygen consumption to boosting you success rate in dialogues! Depending on your favorite play-style, you can create useful food or drinks that can reduce damage taken, allow you to sprint for more or simply make you more successful in diplomacy! To create Food and Drinks you will have to interact with a Cooking Station.

Cooking in Starfield

Industrial Crafting in Starfield

You can use an Industrial Workbench to create advanced items that are required for other research or crafting projects. All available items in here are required to make better weapon or spacesuit mods or to create modules for your outposts.

Industrial Workbench

Healing and Aid Items in Starfield

Creating healing and aid items will keep you alive but also offer a temporary boost against enemies. You will need a Pharmaceutical Lab to create them. You can also create chems in this Workbench. Items you craft here have the capability to enhance your performance and help you get past tougher enemies.

starfield crafting
Pharmaceutical Lab

Spacesuit Mods in Starfield

On a Spacesuit Workbench you can create Mods for your Spacesuit, Helmet and Pack! Mods add an additional perk to your Armor and will help you deal with a number of encounters. A mod can reduce the damage you take while another can reduce your Oxygen consumption or even help you last longer in hazardous environments. Spacesuit Mods are important for defense and survivability in Starfield!

Weapon Mods in Starfield

Weapon Mods will make your weapons deadlier! With the appropriate Weapon Mod you can increase your damage, range, accuracy or rate of fire. You can even add a suppressor and become a deadly Stealth Sniper. Weapon Mods are important to boost your offense and will help you kill enemies faster!

starfield crafting
Weapon Mods

Crafting Skills in Starfield

By unlocking specific skills you can research and craft better items. The Skills you can learn and rank up if you wish to become an efficient Crafter are:

  • Chemistry(Science)
  • Gastronomy(Social)
  • Outpost Engineering(Science)
  • Spacesuit Design(Science)
  • Weapon Engineering(Science)

Chemistry allows you to create better chems while Gastronomy unlocks better Food and Drinks. Outpost Engineering unlocks better Outpost Modules to research and craft with items from the Industrial Workbench. Spacesuit Design and Weapon Engineering unlock more advanced Mods for your Armor and Weapons respectively. To learn more about Skills, you can read my Starfield Skills Guide!

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