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Adoring Fan Companion Starfield

The Adoring Fan is one of a kind Companion in Starfield, that you can unlock only by picking the right Trait when creating your Character! He might be annoying with his constant praising of you but surprisingly also comes with a few helpful skills. Getting him as a Companion could be a good option if you wish to follow a path that will benefit from his skills.

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How to Get Adoring Fan as a Companion in Starfield

To unlock the Adoring Fan as a Companion you will have to pick the “Hero Worshiped” Trait when creating your character! Traits are optional characteristics you can add to your character that add a positive and a negative aspect to your play through. In the “Hero Worshiped” trait’s case you do get the Adoring Fan as a Companion for free early in the game but his annoying dialogue will never stop. Unless you find a way to get rid of him!

During the intro quest of the game “One Small Step“, follow the instructions to create your character and pick the “Hero Worshiped” Trait. Fly away with Vasco and eventually reach New Atlantis. The Adoring Fan will appear randomly the first time you enter the City. This can happen immediately or after wandering around for a while. Chat with him and you will have the option to add him to your crew. He will be delighted and obviously join for free! You can now assign him to your ship or one of your outposts and if you wish even bring him along when exploring!

adoring fan companion starfield
Companion Skills

Adoring Fan Companion Skills in Starfield

The Adoring Fan has a few nice skills that can assist you carry more items and in stealth gameplay! His Skills are:

  • Weight Lifting – 2
  • Concealment – 1
  • Scavenging – 1

Best Builds for Adoring Fan Companion in Starfield

The Adoring Fan is a nice Companion to have early in the game. His Weight Lifting Skill will help you carry more items, while Concealment makes him a good option for Stealth Builds. Some Builds you can use with him are:

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