How to Get Andreja Companion in Starfield

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Andreja Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Andreja as a Companion in Starfield! Andreja is one of the four main Constellation Companions in Starfield, that you can unlock and bring together while adventuring. Andreja is a reliable companion with an affinity for combat and some impressive skills.

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How to Get Andreja as a Companion in Starfield

To unlock Andreja as a Companion you will have to complete missions for the Constellation faction! After completing your first mission with the group, you will receive three more missions. One of those is called “Into the Unknown” and will send you to “The Eye“. This is the group’s Space Station in the Alpha Centauri system. Dock to the station and talk to Vladimir.

Vladimir will send you to check two locations and find a couple artifacts there. On one of the locations you can find Andreja as well. Follow the directions of the mission on both locations and you will find her inside an Abandoned Mine, fighting hostiles. Talk to her and continue to complete the objective on your current location. Collect the Artifact at the end of the mission and Andreja will ask you to find her back at the Lodge. If you have only completed the objective on one location then head to the second, grab the artifact there and then head to the Lodge.

Place the Artifacts to the collection, talk to Matteo and during the conversation you will unlock Andreja as a Companion. You can now add her to your crew and bring her along your journey.

andreja companion starfield
Andreja at the end of the mission

Andreja Companion Skills in Starfield

Andreja comes with an impressive set of skills that can assist you in various ways! Her four skills are:

  • Stealth – 4
  • Particle Beams – 3
  • Energy Weapon Systems – 2
  • Theft – 1

A reliable and flexible companion that can work well in combat or as a ship crew member. Andreja is an asset for your crew overall and a good companion to bring along if you enjoy a stealthier gameplay!

Andreja Companion Skills

Best Builds for Andreja Companion in Starfield

Andreja is a reliable companion that can perform well in combat. She is also a great Stealth focused companion, that will assist or at least will not hinder your Stealth play-through! Thanks to her Stealth skill, she will follow along without triggering enemies and allow you to make money from pickpocketing NPC or killing enemies undetected. Stealth oriented Builds are the best to combine with Andreja as a Companion. Some of the Builds you can use with her are:

Her Energy Weapon Systems skill can be helpful in ship combat which makes her a nice Companion for the Bounty Hunter and Pirate Builds as well!

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